Thomas O'Toole
Thomas O'Toole
Executive Director
Cornell Institute for Public Affairs

2201 Martha Van Rensselaer Hall



Thomas O'Toole is the Executive Director of the Cornell Institute for Public Affairs (CIPA). He is responsible for monitoring the strategic direction of CIPA, as well as providing ongoing oversight to ensure the achievement of CIPA's educational and professional missions. As part of his responsibilities, O'Toole oversees all student professional development activities related to the graduate field of public affairs at Cornell, including maintaining institutional relationships with organizations in the public, private, and nonprofit sectors and facilitating job and internship placements for CIPA Fellows. O'Toole also designed and runs CIPA's Washington Externship Semester Program, which enables Cornell MPA Fellows to spend one semester of their degree careers at Cornell living, studying, and working in Washington, DC.

O'Toole teaches CIPA's core course on "Issues in Public Administration,"  a seminar on "Comparative Public Administration: The Case of Seoul, Korea," and has collaborated on projects and educational programming with the White House, the United Nations Division of Public Administration and Development Management, the UN World Food Programme, and the International Food Policy Research Institute.

He earned his BA in International Relations at Bucknell University and his MPA and MA  from Cornell University. He received his PhD. in Government from Cornell University in February 2016.

Completed and defended dissertation research on cues (sociodemographic, ideological, contextual) shaping clergy discourse on social regulatory issues (gay rights, abortion, etc.). 

O'Toole, Thomas and Alvaro Salas-Castro.  2014.  "Global University Engagement," in Creating New Models: Innovative Public-Private Partnerships for Inclusive Development in Latin America.  Geneva, Switzerland: World Economic Forum. 

Developed Africa Impact Group (AIG) project for CIPA International Capstone.

Developed Deloitte Tax project for CIPA Domestic Capstone.

Developed NYC Ballet project for CIPA Domestic Capstone.  

HE 6010 - Public Administration

HE 6050 - Planning Externships (CIPA Washington Externship Semester) 

HE 6060 - Comparative Public Administration: The Case of Seoul, Korea

Bachelor of Arts, International Relations, Bucknell University

Master of Public Administration, Concentration in Regulatory Policy, Cornell University

Master of Arts, Government, Cornell University

PhD., Government, Cornell University, February 2016 (passed B Exam in December 2015)

Executive Director, Cornell Institute for Public Affairs (CIPA)

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