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Bronfenbrenner Center for Translational Research

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Thomas J. Endres is an Extension Assoicate with the Bronfenbrenner Center for Translational Research and member of the Residential Child Care Project Team.  As extension assoctiate, Mr. Endres provides training programs and technical assistance for residential child caring agencies.  He also provides training activities through the train-the-trainer models for Therapeutic Crisis Intervention and Child and Residential Experiences (CARE).  

Mr. Endres provides technical assistance and training programs within New York State, across the United States and internationally.  He has presented at international conferences and contributed to an article published by Child Welfare titled "Children and Residential Experiences: A Comprehensive Strategy for Implementing a Research-Informed Program Model for Residential Care."  

Mr. Endres has extensive experience in residential treatment services.  He has held many roles working in residential care settings, including:  direc care worker, supervisor, social worker, and administrator.  He has experience developing and evaluating programs for children and adolescents.  Mr. Endres received both his BSSW and his MA degree from Ohio State University.

 Mr. Endres participates in a research activities in collaboration with other members of the RCCP team.  Evaluation activites center around examining the effectiveness and fidelity of TCI and CARE training programs and the implementation of these program in agencies working with children and families.

Current projects includes the HFA CARE implementation project and participation in the TCI fidelity study.  Mr. Endres and colleagues are scheduled to report on the results from the TCI fidelity study at an international conference in Vienna, Austria later in 2016.

Thomas Endres is an extension associate with the Bronfenbrenner Center for Translational Research.  Mr. Endres works for the Residential Child Care Project.  In his role, Mr. Endres provides the following professional activities:

- Therapeutic Crisis Intervention (TCI) train-the-trainer programs

- Child and Residential Experiences (CARE) train-the-trainer programs

- TCI and CARE technical assistance

- Participation in research and evaluation activities

- Curriculum development activities for project materials

Extension activities are designed to assist residential facilities that serve special needs children and young people that also show forms of aggression in assessing their current programming and crisis prevention and management system.  Activities are designed to assist facilities in developing a plan to implement TCI and/or CARE.  Extension activities are provided through assessment, training and technical assistance.  

The following service activities were conducted during 2014: 

32 days of technical assistance, training and research activities in New York State through the TCI program

45 days of technical assistance, training and research activities across the United States and Canada through the CARE program

18 days of national TCI training and technical assistance

07 days of internatiional TCI training and technical assistance in Canada

 Mr. Endres currently coordinates the professional certification process.  These duties include: developing and monitoring protocols, communication with applicants and potential candidates, review of professional portfolios and coordinates the review from other instructors, write disposition letters for candidates, mentors candidates and is involved with ongoing record keeping processes.

Mr. Endres attends administrative and program evaluation meetings in person, by phone and by wedex for RCCP programs.  

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