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Professor, Policy Analysis and Management
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Sharon Tennyson is a Professor at Cornell University in Jeb E. Brooks School of Public Policy and the Department of Economics. She is a faculty Fellow of Cornell's Atkinson Center for a Sustainable Future and a member of the advisory board for Cornell's Program in Infrastructure Policy.

An economist by training, Dr. Tennyson's primary research focus is the impact of laws and government regulations on the wellbeing of consumers in markets. Recognizing that government actions may alter firms' operations and/or consumers' decisions in markets, her work explores the effects of regulations on these behaviors and the changes in market outcomes that result. Much of her work has studied insurance markets, but she has also written on the regulation of credit cards, prescription drugs and airlines. 

From 2014-2017 Dr. Tennyson served as Director of the Cornell Institute for Public Affairs, and as Director of the Graduate Field of Public Affairs from 2017-2020. From 2012-2017 she served as Editor of the Journal of Consumer Affairs. She is currently Editor of the International Review of Financial Consumers and a Senior Associate Editor of the Journal of Risk and Insurance. She is a former president of the Risk Theory Society, and began her career as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Insurance and Risk Management at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. 

“Effects of Informational Nudges on Consumer Debt Repayment Behaviors,” with Lauren Jones and Caezilia Loibl, Journal of Economic Psychology 51 December 2015: 16-33. 

“Product Ratings as a Market Reaction to Deregulation: Evidence from the German Insurance Market”, with Stephanie Meyr, Risk Management and Insurance Review 18(1) Spring 2015: 77-100.

“The Role of Life Experience in Long Term Care Insurance Decisions,” with Hae Kyung Yang, Journal of Economic Psychology 42 June 2014: 175-188. [JEP paper]

“Does the Threat of Insurer Liability for “Bad Faith” Affect Insurance Settlements?” with Danial P. Asmat, Journal of Risk and Insurance 81(1) March 2014: 1-23. [JRI paper]

“The Influence of FDA Advisory Information and Black Box Warnings on Individual Use of Prescription Antidepressants,” with Kristy Parkinson, Joseph Price and Kosali Simon, Review of Economics of the Household 12(4) December 2014: 771-790. [REH paper]
“The Effect of Prescription Drug Withdrawals on the Use of Competitor Drugs: The Case of Vioxx,” with J. Michael Collins and Kosali Simon,  Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization 86(1) February 2013: 148-168.
“Insurance Distribution,” with James I. Hilliard and Laureen Regan, chapter 23 in Handbook of Insurance 2nd edition, Georges Dionne, editor. Springer 2013.

“The Effects of Expanding Property Rights on Women’s Economic Activity,” with R. Richard Geddes and Dean Lueck,  Journal of Law and Economics 55(4) November 2012: 839-867.

“Challenges and Approaches to Consumer Protection in the Insurance Industry,” in The Fundamentals of Future Insurance Regulation and Supervision: A Global Perspective, Patrick M. Liedtke and Jan Monkiewicz, editors. Palgrave MacMillon, 2011.

“The Impact of Rate Regulation on Claims: Evidence from Massachusetts Automobile Insurance,” with Richard A. Derrig, Risk Management and Insurance Review 14(2) Fall 2011: 173-200.

“Incentive Effects of Community Rating in Insurance Markets: Evidence from Massachusetts Automobile Insurance,” Geneva Risk and Insurance Review 35(1) June 2010: 19-46 .

“Do State Cost Control Policies Reduce Medicaid Prescription Drug Spending?” with Kosali I. Simon and Julie Hudman, Risk Management and Insurance Review 12(1) Winter 2009: 37-64.

PAM 3400/5400 - Economics of Consumer Policy 
PAM 4240/5240 - Risk Management and Policy 

Ph.D., Economics, Northwestern University
B.A., Economics, UCLA

International Review of Financial Consumers

Journal of Risk and Insurance:



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