Seo-young (Anne) Lee
Seo-young (Anne) Lee
Ph.D. Student
Human Centered Design


Anne Seo-young Lee is a doctoral student, studying Human Behavior and Design at Cornell University. Her research interests are in Human-Computer Interaction (HCI), especially, design evaluation using emerging technologies to understand emotional, cognitive, and behavioral responses to design elements in physical and virtually built environments. She is also interested in the psychological aspects of the interaction between humans and AI agents (e.g. virtual agents, robots). 

Prior to joining Cornell, she received a Master’s degree both in Information Science and Communication with an Emphasis on Human-Computer Interaction and Use Experience. She earned a Bachelor's degree in Communication. 

DEA 1500: Intro to Environmental psychology

DEA 1150 : Design Graphics & Visualization

DEA 2020 : Intro to Design for Sustainability

Peer-reviewed pulications

  • Lee, S. Y.*, Law, MV.*, Yoon, SY, Hoffman, G., 2022, Comparing Physical Robots with Virtual Reality for Robot Design, International Workshop on Designerly Human-Robot Interaction (HRI). 
    (* Shared authorship)
  • Lee, S. Y., Yoon, So-Yeon. 2020. Exploring Augmented Reality for Mobile Learning: A Case Study with Children’s Readings on Sustainable Futures. International Journal of Smart Technology and Learning.
  • Lee, S. Y., Lee, G., Kim, S., and Lee, J. 2019. Expressing the Personalities of the Conversational Agents with Visual and Verbal Feedback. Electronics. 
  • Kim, S., Lee, G., Lee, S. Y., Lee, S., and Lee, J. 2019. Game or Live Streaming?: Motivation and Social Experience in Live Mobile Quiz Shows. In Proceedings of the CHI PLAY’19 
  • Lee, S. Y., Lee, G., Choi, J., and Lim, Y. 2019. Designing Social Dialogue Model for Human-Robot Interactions. 16th International Conference on Ubiquitous Robots. IEEE.
  • Lee, S. Y., Lee, G., Choi, J., and Lim, Y. 2019. In Proceedings of HRI’19 workshop. ACM. Designing Social Dialogue Model for Human-Robot Interactions. (Daegu, South Korea)
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  • Kim, S., Maeng, W., Oh, C., Lee, J., Lee, S. Y., Choi, J., S.W., G.W., and J. Lee. 2019. Immersive VR for numerical engagement. In Proceedings of VRST’17 (p.64). ACM. (Gothenburg, Sweden)


  • Lee. S.Y., Yoon, S. Y. (2022) Tiny Home Experiences Using 3D VR videos: Effects of gender and personality on perception, Interior Design Educators Council (IDEC).
  • Lee. S.Y., Lee, J., Yoon, S. Y. (2021). Impacts of Ceiling Height and Spatial Depth on Small Space Experiences: A case study of tiny homes using VR simulation. Environmental Design Research Association (EDRA). 
  • Lee. S.Y., Lee, J., Yoon, S. Y. (2020). Cozy vs. Claustrophobic: Understanding the effects of individual differences and small housing elements on users' perceptions in Immersive VR. 26th Conference of the International Association People-Environment Studies. 

Ph.D. Student, Human-Centered Design, Cornell Univ

M.S., Human-Computer Interaction/ Communication, Seoul National University, Seoul, S.Korea

B.S., Communication, Cornell University

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