Reut Shachnai
Human Development

Beebe Hall 204


I am a second-year PhD student in developmental psychology. My research examines two distinct, yet interrelated topics: social cognition and motivation. Within the realm of social cognition, I am interested in social categorization, bias, and stereotyping. Within the realm of motivation, I am interested in our internal drive, persistence, and sense of purpose. 

Connecting these two lines of research – while taking a developmental approach – I explore how gender, race, and social class stereotypes shape children's and adults' motivation and goals for the future. I also devise interventions aimed at reducing bias and increasing persistence and sense of purpose.

I am passionate about using rigorous psychological science to help reduce inequalities and empower people from marginalized groups, starting in early childhood.

Shachnai, R., & Daniel, E. (in press). Children’s concepts of personal values. Infant and Child Development.

*Jaxon, J., *Lei, R. F., Shachnai, R., Chestnut, E. K., & Cimpian, A. (2019). The acquisition of gender stereotypes about intellectual ability: Intersections with race. Journal of Social Issues, 75(4), 1192-2015. (* These authors contributed equally to the work)

Misgav, K., Shachnai, R., Daniel, E., Abramson, L., & Knafo-Noam, A. (under review). Sustained attention and prosocial behavior in middle childhood: The moderating role of personal values.

Shachnai, R., Heck, I. A., King, R. A., & Kinzler, K. D. (in preparation). Children's reasoning about future careers: Hierarchies, gender, and SES.

Outreach and Community Involvement Coordinator, First Generation and Low-Income Graduate Student Organization

M.A. in Developmental Psychology, Cornell University

M.A. in Special Education, Tel Aviv University

B.A. Honors in Linguistics and Education, Bar-Ilan University

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