Executive Director, CIHF and Associate Director, Sloan Program in Health Administration
3301C, Martha Van Rensselaer Hall
Ithaca, New York
Policy Analysis and Management


Brooke Hollis serves on the leadership team of the Sloan Program and the Institute for Healthy Futures working on alumni and industry external relations. He also mentors students and serves as a faculty member.   Beyond his appointment at Sloan, his ongoing professional consulting activities straddle the area of mergers & acquisitions and management consulting primarily for health and professional services firms.  In addition to leadership roles in a number of regional, national and international professional organizations, Brooke is a past-president of the Sloan Alumni Association, and has been on the advisory boards of the College of Human Ecology and the Cornell Club of Greater Hartford.  He is a current Board member of the Association of University Programs in Health Administration (AUPHA).

Mr. Hollis' other background includes over three decades working in both the public and private sector, serving in senior management positions in a number of organizations in the healthcare, staffing, and financial advisory/consulting fields.  While serving as president of a national professional association, he was also involved in advocacy work with the federal government on policy and financial issues.

Prior work includes almost a decade as an owner and president of a private entrepreneurial firm that developed and managed specialty outpatient clinics, developed and operated a Durable Medical Equipment (DME) company and provided contract staffing programs for hospitals in three states.  During his time with the firm he helped lead a significant growth in revenues and profitability, and he subsequently orchestrated a successful exit strategy when his partners had financial difficulties.  His subsequent work as a partner in mergers & acquisitions advisory firms has involved consulting and transaction work in 20 states and Canada with private equity funds and public or privately held companies, both domestic and international.

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In addition to his work at Cornell, Brooke has been active in a number of health and mergers & acquisition professional associations and continues to consult in these areas. He is also actively involved with the Entrepreneurship at Cornell Program and with eCornell, which develops continuing professional educational programs and some degree programs.

I am privilidged to be part of the leadership team for the Cornell Institute for Healthy Futures.  We were fortunate to be awarded a grant from Engaged Cornell, which involves working with a variety of organizations in various aspects of hospitality, health and design to provide educational and volunteer opportunities for students pursuing our new minor.  My work with the Sloan Program also involves working with a variety of organizations regarding educational experiences and projects with hospitals and other health related groups.  I also serve on the Board of Directors of the Association of University Programs in Health Administration (AUPHA), the  professional association representing US and Canadian programs such as Sloan.

My courses are focused on practical applications and making connections between professionals in the practice and students.  I typically bring in a variety of accomplished individuals from the field who share their perspectives and who have sometimes have taken interns or hired students in their organizations.

• PAM 5740 Fundamentals of Health Facility Planning for Managers/Entrepreneurs

• HADM 4055/HADM 6055/DEA 4055/DEA 6055 Hospitality, Health, and Design Industry Immersion Seminar (with Rohit Verma and Mardelle Shepley) (Jointly offered with the School of Hotel Administration)

• HADM 6033/ PAM 5500 Planning and Operations of Senior Living and Related Facilities (Jointly offered with the School of Hotel Administration)

• PAM 5900 Service Excellence: From Hospitality to Healthcare

• DEA 1110-Making a Difference by Design: Tackling Hospitality and Health Care Challenges (jointly taught with Rohit Verma and Gourab Kar)

• PAM 5900 Improving Organizational and Clinical Outcomes in Healthcare Organizations (Quint Studer and Michael Harris, MD primary faculty-not currently offered)

  • Master of Business Administration, Sloan Certificate, Cornell University 1978
  • Master of Architecture & Urban Design, Washington University, 1986
  • Bachelor of Arts, DePauw University, 1973