Nicolas Bottan
Assistant Professor
Policy Analysis and Management

MVR 3220


Nicolas is an applied micro-economist who uses behavioral insights to study important policy questions. His research interests fall in the fields of public economics, behavioral economics and development economics. In his work, Nicolas combines different empirical strategies, such as field experiments and natural/policy experiments. His current research focuses on studying the extent to which social comparisons matter and how they shape individual’s behavior. For example, his research shows that social comparisons affect location decisions, and individual effort and performance in the context of sports and education. Nicolas also works on understanding social consequences of public policy more broadly, such as the effect of legalized gambling on crime, and studying the interplay between government and nonprofit service provision.



Bottan, N. L., & Perez-Truglia, R. (2015). Losing my religion: The effects of religious scandals on religious participation and charitable giving. Journal of Public Economics129, 106-119.

Bonilla, L., Bottan, N., & Ham, A. (2019). Information Policies and Higher Education Choices: Experimental Evidence from Colombia. Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Economics, Vol. 83. 

Bastos, P., Bottan, N. L., & Cristia, J. (2017). Access to Preprimary Education and Progression in Primary School: Evidence from Rural Guatemala. Economic Development and Cultural Change65(3), 521-547.

Bottan, N. L., & Truglia, R. P. (2011). Deconstructing the hedonic treadmill: Is happiness autoregressive?. The Journal of Socio-Economics40(3), 224-236.

PAM 3190 - Spring 2019

PhD in Economics, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (May 2018)

Masters in Economics, Universidad de San Andrés [Buenos Aires, Argentina] (2011)

B.S. in Economics, Universidad de San Andrés [Buenos Aires, Argentina] (2008)

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