Post Doctoral Associate
Division of Nutritional Sciences


Maryam Kazemi, Postdoctoral Associate; PhD (Nutrition) University of Saskatchewan (Canada), MSc (Nutritional Sciences) Mashhad University of Medical Sciences (Iran), BSc (Nutritional Sciences) Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences (Iran); lab member since 2018.

Additional Credentials: Registered Dietitian

Current Projects: During her PhD, Maryam evaluated the effects of a multi-layered longitudinal randomized controlled trial (RCT), comprised of dietary, exercise, and behavioral modification components on cardio-metabolic, body composition, reproductive, and health-related quality of life outcomes in women with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). During her postdoctoral research, Maryam honed her expertise in Women's Health by designing and conducting novel projects using multi-site models to delineate the relative contributions of lifestyle (diet, exercise) and endocrine pathways to reproductive and musculoskeletal derangements in women across a spectrum of anovulation. Maryam's research has also taken a novel turn to elucidate disparities in cardio-metabolic and reproductive health across races and ethnicities in women with PCOS. Maryam's research is focused on establishing a trans-disciplinary program to elucidating lifestyle (diet, exercise), cardio-metabolic, and musculoskeletal aberrations of diverse cohorts of women with endocrine and ovulatory disorders to develop targeted interventions that address the relative contributions of these abnormalities to mechanisms of reproductive dysfunction.

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