Post Doctoral Associate
Division of Nutritional Sciences


Maryam Kazemi, Postdoctoral Associate; PhD (Nutrition), Canada, MSc (Nutrition and Dietetics; Clinical Concentration), Iran, BSc (Nutritional Sciences), Iran; lab member since Summer 2018.

Maryam Kazemi is a Postdoctoral Associate in the Lujan Lab. During her PhD, Maryam examined the benefits of a multi-dimensional longitudinal randomized controlled trial, comprised of dietary, exercise, and behavioral modification on cardiometabolic, reproductive, and health-related quality of life outcomes, and lifestyle behaviors in women with PCOS. She is interested in lifestyle interventions to prevent and manage metabolic and reproductive sequelae in women with obesity and ovulation disturbances across their lifespan. Currently, she studies the relationship between environmental factors, endocrine aberrations, and metabolic and ovarian dysfunction in reproductive-age women to improve their reproductive health and reduce the risk of chronic disease in the long term.

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