Mary Beth Morrissey
Mary Beth
PhD student in Sociology
Policy Analysis and Management


Mary Beth Morrissey is a Ph.D. student in the Department of Sociology at Cornell University. As a research assistant with Cornell Project 2Gen, she conducted qualitative interviews with graduates of a family drug treatment court to gain insight into a variety of aspects of their experiences with the court, the child welfare system, and their journeys through addiction and recovery. She completed concentration exams in Gender and Sociology of Families and is interested in using in-depth interviews to better understand the intersection of friendships and romantic relationships in middle-class young adults' lives. 

Research Areas: Emotions and Therapeutic Culture, Gender, Intimate Relationships, Inequality

Teaching Assistant: Social Problems in the US, Health Disparities, Modern Romance

M.A., 2021
Sociology, Cornell University

B.A., 2011
Sociology, Barnard College of Columbia University

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