Ph.D. Student
Policy Analysis and Management

 Selected peer-reviewed publications: 

Amorim, M. (Forthcoming) Are grandparents a blessing or a burden? Three-generation coresidence and child investments. Social Science Research.

Tach, L., Edin, K., Halpern-Meekin, S., Amorim, M. (2018) “As good as money in the bank”: Building a Personal Safety Net with the Earned Income Tax Credit. Social Problems. Available at: >

Haskins, A., Amorim, M., & Mingo, M. (2018) "Parental Incarceration and Child Outcomes: Those at Risk, Evidence of Impacts, Methodological Insights, and Areas of Future Work". Sociology Compass 12(3)DOI: 10.111/soc4.12562

Amorim, M; Dunifon, R; & Pilkauskas, N. (2017) The magnitude and timing of grandparental coresidence during childhood in the United States. Demographic Research 37:1695-170 

*Demographic Research Editor's Choice Award

Burkhardt, Brett C., Scott Akins, Jon Sassaman, Scott Jackson, Ken Elwer, Charles Lanfear, Mariana Amorim, and Katelyn Stevens. (2017) University researcher and law enforcement collaboration: Lessons from a study of justice-involved persons with suspected mental illness." International journal of offender therapy and comparative criminology 61 (5): 508-525.

Tach, L., & Amorim, M. (2015). Constrained, convenient, and symbolic consumption: neighborhood food environments and economic coping strategies among the urban poor. Journal of Urban Health92(5), 815-834

  I have taught and provided assistance for the following courses

  • Population and Policy (Cornell Prison Education Program), Fall 2018
  • Population and Policy, Spring 2018, Spring 2019
  • Statistics for Policy Analysis Majors, Fall 2017, Fall 2018
  • The US Health Care System, Fall 2015

As a PhD student, I invested in my teaching skills by being a fellow for the Cornell Teaching Innovation Program (2017-2018).