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Human Development

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Julia first joined the Human Development department as Cornell’s 2015-2016 Heidelberg Exchange Fellow and a Fulbright grantee. In 2017, Julia returned to Cornell to obtain a Ph.D. in Developmental Psychology with Dr. Corinna Löckenhoff.

Her research interests span risk perception, decision making, lifespan development, and health. She is currently working on tailoring health and risk information to the processing preferences of different age and patient groups. This work has earned her the 2017 Margaret Holmes-Rovner Award for Decision Psychology and Shared Decision Making (commonly known as the Society for Medical Decision Making's Lee B. Lusted Student Prize).

Before returning to Cornell, Julia worked with the Funke Lab for Problem-Solving at Heidelberg University (2013-2017) and Valerie F. Reyna's Rational Decision Making Lab at Cornell University (2015-2016). In addition, she completed research visits with the Nock Lab at Harvard University (2016), the Cognition and Health Research Group at Oxford University (2016) and Cambridge University's Winton Centre for Risk and Evidence Communication (2017).

Under review & under revision

Nolte, J., Hanoch, Y., Wood, S. A., & Hengerer, D. (under review). Susceptibility to COVID-19 scams: Does age matter?

Nolte, J., Hanoch, Y., Wood, S. A., & Reyna, V. F. (under revision). Compliance with mass marketing solicitation: The role of verbatim and gist processing.

Nolte, J., Löckenhoff, C. E., & Reyna, V. F. (under review). The implications of information type for age differences in information seeking and decision making.

Journal articles

Cozmuta, R., Wilhelms, E. A., Cornell, D., Nolte, J., Reyna, V. F., & Fraenkel, L. (2018). The influence of explanatory images on risk perceptions and treatment preference. Arthritis Care and Research, 70(11), 1707-1711.

Fraenkel, L., Reyna, V. F., Cozmuta, R., Cornell, D., Nolte, J., & Wilhelms, E. A. (2018). Do visual aids help patients differentiate between rare and very rare risks? Patient Education and Counseling, 101(11), 1900-1905.

Book chapters

Brust-Renck, P. G., Nolte, J., & Reyna, V. F. (2017). Numeracy in health and risk messaging. In S. Parrott (Ed.), The Oxford encyclopedia of health and risk message design and processing. Oxford University Press.

Meschkow, A. S., Nolte, J., Garavito, D. M. G., Helm, R. K., Weldon, R. B., & Reyna, V. F. (2018). Risk taking. In M. H. Bornstein (Ed.), SAGE encyclopedia of lifespan human development (pp.1861-1865).  SAGE Publications, Inc.

Nolte, J., Garavito, D. M. N., & Reyna, V. F. (2019). Decision making. In R. J. Sternberg & J. Funke (Eds.), The psychology of human thought (177-198). Heidelberg University Press. 

Nolte, J., & Turker, H. B. (2020). Teaching students how to effectively take notes. In K. Armstrong, L. Genova, J. W. Greenlee, & D. Samuel (Eds.), Teaching gradually: Practial pedagogy for graduate students, by graduate students. Stylus Publishing.

Yip, A. P. W., Nolte, J., & Löckenhoff, C. E. (2020). Aging across the world: The interplay of demographic, economic, historical, and cultural factors. In A. Drolet & C. Yoon (Eds.), The aging consumer: Perspectives from psychology and marketing. Second edition. Routledge.

Magazine articles

Nolte, J. (2020). Why comparing yourself to other graduate students is counter-productive. Nature.

Nolte, J. (2020). Unexpected lessons from conducting research with older adults. Stories in Science. unexpected-lessons-from-conducting-research-with-older-adults/

Nolte, J. (2020). How to practice "safe failure". Inside Higher Education. https://www.

I am a 2020-2021 Graduate Fellow at the Center for Teaching Innovation at Cornell University, where I taught "Equitable Access in the Online Classroom".


I have served as a teaching assistant (TA) for the following courses:

COGST 1101-001 - Introduction to Cognitive Science (Roy Moyal, M.A.)

HD3290 - Self-regulation across the lifespan (Prof. Corinna E. Löckenhoff)

HD2180 - Human Development: Adulthood and Aging (Prof. Corinna E. Löckenhoff)

2020 - 2022 Ph.D. in Developmental Psychology, Cornell University

2017 - 2020 M.A. in Developmental Psychology, Cornell University 

2014 - 2017 M.Sc. in Psychology, Heidelberg University, Germany

2015 - 2016 Exchange Fellow in Developmental Psychology, Cornell University

2011 - 2014 B.Sc. in Psychology, Heidelberg University, Germany

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