Associate Director, Sloan Program in Health Administration
3301B MVR Hall
Ithaca, New York
Policy Analysis and Management


Julie Carmalt is Associate Director of the Sloan Program in Health Administration and a Lecturer in the Department of Policy Analysis and Management at Cornell University.  She joined the department after receiving her Ph.D. in Policy Analysis and Management from Cornell University in 2009.

Carmalt is a demographer by training with primary research and teaching interests in population health, population health management, public health policy, the social determinants of health, and relationships and health. A new area of research focus is population health management education.

Prior to arriving at Cornell, Carmalt worked as a case manager of adjudicated adolescent women and coordinated a study of juvenile female offenders. Prior to that she directed programs for persons with disabilities.

Understanding the unique needs of defined populations and developing programs and cross-sector partnerships to improve the health and wellbeing of vulnerable groups has been a life-long endeavor that is particularly relevant to today's changing healthcare landscape.

In the fall of 2016, Carmalt, an E-RYT200 Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Teacher, developed CHE Community Yoga to promote health, well-being, and community connection among College of Human Ecology members.

I am currently co-investigating how to improve population health management education by participating in a cross-university qualitative study of 10 MHA program advisory boards (published 2017). Another related line of inquiry involves using innovative case examples and focus groups among health administration faculty identify to identify successful integration of the healthcare and public health systems as well as define models for how population health is integrated into undergraduate and graduate curricula (forthcoming). A third area of research uses faculty focus groups to identify population health teaching best practices (forthcoming).

I am additionally collaborating with faculty at Weill Cornell Medical Center and a PhD student at Weill Qatar to examine differences in depression among native and immigrant residents of NYC.

Caron, R.M., Hooker, E.A, Hewitt, A.M., & Carmalt, J.H. (forthcoming). Pedagogy: How to best teach population health to future healthcare leaders. The Journal of Health Administration Education.

Caron, R.M., Hewitt, A.M., Carmalt, J.H., Hooker, E.A.. (forthcoming). Teaching population health: Innovations in the integration of the healthcare and public health systems. The Journal of Health Administration Education.

Hooker, E.A., Caron, R.M., Hewitt, A.M., Carmalt, J.H., Landry, A.Y., & Carlton, E.L. (2017). Defining Population Health: Leveraging Advisory Board Members' Perspectives to Identify Health Administration Curriculum Content. The Journal of Health Administration Education, 34(1), 5-20.

Lichter, D.T., Carmalt, J.H., & Qian, Z. (2011). Immigration and Intermarriage among Hispanics: Crossing Racial and Generational Boundaries. Sociological Forum, 26(2), 241- 264.

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Smith, K.R., & Carmalt, J.H. (2006). From the Trailhead to the Summit of Utah’s Age Pyramid: Age Structure in Utah, (pp. 3–18), In C.D. Zick & K.R., Smith (Eds). Utah at the Beginning of the New Millennium: A Demographic Perspective. Salt Lake City, UT: University of Utah Press.

Chair, Sloan Program Admissions Committee

Chair, Student Health Plan Oversight Committee, Cornell Health

Student Health Benefits Advisory Committee, Cornell Health 

Advisory Board, Anabel’s Grocery

Creator/Yoga Teacher, CHE Community Yoga                                              

Co-Organizer/Moderator, Public Health Equity Film Series                                 

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Ithaca Free Clinic Chronic Care Program – Patient Navigator Start-Up              

Ithaca Free Clinic Chronic Care Program – Food Pharmacy Start-Up

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Association of University Programs in Health Administration

     Graduate Program Committee

     Conference Yoga Instructor

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Cornell Center for Health Equity

Cornell Institute for Healthy Futures

Cornell Population Program/Center, Cornell University

Chair, Student Health Plan Oversight Committee, Cornell Health

Student Health Benefits Advisory Committee, Cornell Health

Advisory Board, Anabel’s Grocery

CHE Community Yoga (creator/yoga teacher)


My key areas of teaching include the evolution of population health management, health demography, and the social determinants of health. I utilize hands-on applied activities, flipped classroom methodology, mindfulness, and service learning to enhance student learning and engagement.

Advising, to me, means being present in the moment to help students develop the self-awareness required to identify their unique strengths, recognize what they are passionate about, and assessing and working with their limitations.

PAM 3280: Fundamentals of Population Health

PAM 5280: Population Health for Health Managers

PAM 5900: Event Planning and Leadership

PAM 5990: Challenges and Trends in the Health Sevices Industry

PAM 2030: Population and Public Policy

PAM 3290: Health, Demographic Processes and the Life Course

PAM 2100: Introduction to Statistics

PE 1676: Finding Your Flow, Stand Up Paddleboard Yoga

PAM 4030: Cornell Undergraduate Women in Healthcare Leaderhip Spring Break Trek



Ph.D., Policy Analysis and Management, Cornell University
M.S., Policy Analysis and Management, Cornell University
M.S., Family Ecology, University of Utah
B.A., Liberal Arts-Recreation Administration, Humboldt State University

Chair, Sloan Admissions Committee

Event Director, Sloan Visit Day

Sloan Professional Development

Sloan Student Advising