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Frank Kuhn, Ph.D. is a Senior Extension Associate with the Bronfenbrenner Center for Translational Research in the College of Human Ecology. Licensed as a clinical psychologist living in Charlotte, NC, he has served on the clinical faculty of The Universtiy of Texas Health Sciences Center at San Antonio, and he has led not-for-profit organizations providing residential, treatment and education services for youth and families. Frank has provided consultation, training and technical assistance to human service organizations and systems for more than thirty five years. Current interests include implementation and evaluation of models for service delivery, change in organizational systems of care, and congruence in clinical and caregiving systems.



 Current community and treatment related research interests include: implementation and evaluation of models for service delivery, change in organizational systems of care, congruence in clinical and caregiving systems, and development of measures to assess service outcomes and fidelity.

Current educational research interests include: measurement of factors that influence the impact of professional training in practice.

Journal Articles and Abstracts: 

Holden, M.J., Izzo, C., Nunno, M., Smith, E.G., Endres, T., Holden, J.C., & Kuhn, I.F. (2010) Children and Residential Experiences: A comprehensive strategy for implementing a research-informed program model for residential care. Child Welfare, 89(2), 131-149.

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Collins, F. L., Kuhn, I.F. Jr., & King, G.D. Variables affecting subjects' ethical ratings: Peer review, ethical sensitization, and informed consent. Psychological Reports, 1979, 44, 155-164.

Training Curricula:

Alwon, F., Budlong, M., Clark, P., Holden, M., Holden, J., Kuhn, I., & Mooney, A. (1989). Connecting: Essential elements of residential child care practice. Atlanta, Georgia: Child Welfare Institute.

Kuhn, I.F., Holden, M.J. & Bath, H. (2003) Therapeutic Crisis Intervention: Individual crisis management plans. Ithaca, New York: Family Life Development Center, Cornell University.

 National Register of Health Service Psychologists, Credential #33576, June 25, 1985 to present

North Carolina State Board of Examiners of Practicing Psychologists, License #926, May 9, 1983 to present

American Psychological Association, 1976 to present

North Carolina Psychological Association, 1983 to present


 My primary current extension activity includes implementation of Children and Residential Experiences (CARE) in organizations across the United States, Canada and Ireland. Activities include technical assistance on site and virtually, workshops, evaluation and fidelity assessment, and translational research.

Technical assistance and training for organizations also includes assistance in evaluating and improving systems for crisis prevention and management in services for youth using the Therapeutic Crisis Intervention (TCI) model.

Beginning in October 2018 a considerable portion of my time was allocated to participation in the National Child Trauma Stress Network (NCTSN) funded by a SAMHSA grant to our project. As a result I have focused my attention on networking with organizations across the United States that provide services to children and families that have experienced trauma.

Other public engagement activities include supporting organizations to engage in translational research, evaluation of best practice models, programs, clinical practices and outcomes.

 Wake Forest University, BS with Honors in Psychology, June 1975

Auburn Universtiy, MS in Psychology, December 1977

Auburn University, Ph.D., in Psychology, December 1980

University of Texas Health Science Center, San Antonio, Texas; Clinical Psychology Residency, September 1979 - August 1980

Certificate in Non-Profit Management, Duke University, March 1998

18 hours of professional continuing education approved by American Psychological Association every two years required to maintain professional licensure and registration as a Health Service Provider in Psychology (various topics)

Additional certifications and training related to professional duties. In 2018 I completed certification in the "Three Pillars of Transforming Care" curriculum (Howard Bath and John Seita, 2018). 

 Coordination of implementation projects for CARE: Children and Residential Experiences in organizations across the United States, Canada, Bermuda, and Northern Ireland/ Ireland. Activities include communication with and screening of potential agencies for implementation, selection and support of implementation teams, and coordination and support of regional events including workshops and communities of practice.

 Residential Child Care Project:

Facebook: Residential Child Care Project, Cornell University


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