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Provides leadership for CUCE-NYC's Urban Environment Program Area; conducts long-term strategic planning and leads development of Plan of Work; develops Extension/research program proposals and budgets for external funding support, including grant supported projects currently ranging from $100,000 to $1.25 million dollars; provides oversight/manages grant projects, subcontracts' and subaccounts' scopes and budgets; conducts program marketing; conducts evaluation and reporting; supervises and supports academic/professional casual staff and interns; conducts professional development and training of staff; conducts staff performance reviews and recruitment; conducts program planning and implementation, as well as evaluation, reporting and marketing for multiple large and multi-year projects. Seeks, develops and nurtures relationships and program partnerships with funders, legislators, non-profit, community, academic, environmental, government organizations and businesses, to meet mutual goals in addressing relevant and emerging needs and to maximize resources and impact. Seeks, supports and retains qualified staff on Urban Environment Program Area team that are highly motivated, technically competent, skilled in education program development and delivery approaches, collaborative, and effective in planning for and achieving intended program outcomes. Serves on CUCE-NYC Program Leadership Team and contributes to organization development, program prioritization, reporting and marketing to help ensure that local Extension efforts are relevant and make a difference with New York City residents and communities, and helps to strengthen the Extension and Cornell University system. 

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Krasny, M., Doyle, R., Ferenz, G., et al. Garden Mosaics Educator’s Manual. April 2004.
  • Lambda Chapter (NY), Epsilon Sigma Phi, national professional association of Extension Professionals - Vice President (2014- ), and Member
  • Atkinson Center for a Sustainable Future, Cornell University - Fellow
  • Metro Hort Group, Inc. - Founder and Honorary Member
  • Epsilon Sigma Phi - Member
  • New York Association of Natural Resource Extension Professionals - Member
  • Association of Natural Resource Extension Professionals - Member
  • Governors Island Alliance - Member

University of California, Davis
Environmental Horticulture

Rutgers University/Cook College
Plant Science/Horticulture


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