Human Development


Faiza Ahmad is a graduate student in Dr. Adam Anderson's Affect and Cognition Lab. After completing her bachelor's degree in psychology from Cornell, she decided to further pursue research examining the neural and mechanistic underpinnings of bias and stereotyping. While she is currently studying affective neuroscience, her research interests also include implicit cognition, emotion, interoception, social psychology and neuropsychology. Her M.A. thesis examines the role of implicit race-based biases in the perception of anger and fear. Faiza's goal is to ultimately become a physician, and she hopes that her graduate research will provide an informative background to begin her medical training with. 

During her undergraduate study, Faiza worked with Dr. Melissa Ferguson in the Implicit Cognition Lab and Thomas Mann, a postdoctoral fellow at Harvard University. As a part of the Psychology Honors Program, Faiza completed an independent senior research thesis titled: "Race and Ambiguity: Does race influence updating of implicit impressions?". She presented her research at the Cornell Undergraduate Psychology (CUP) conference in May 2019, and earned magna cum laude for her work.

Currently, Faiza is working with James Dalton Rounds (Cornell University) and Christina Chick (Stanford University) on a research project examining the influence of interoceptive processess in emotion perception and racial bias.  


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