Dan Lamb
Cornell Institute for Public Affairs




Dan Lamb has spent two decades in government and draws on his professional and academic background for the courses he leads at CIPA.  These include Politics, Policy and Political Management, which examines how contemporary politics impacts public policy, and, Consulting for Nonprofit and Government Organizations, also known as the CIPA Public Service Exchange.  

Lamb was selected as 2018-19 Engaged Faculty Fellow, by Cornell's Office for Engagement Initiatives.

Dan served as a congressional aide for 15 years and was a candidate for Congress in 2012.   His government experience also includes public transit management, public infrastructure consulting, and serving as an aid in the New York State Senate. 

In addition to teaching at Cornell, Dan serves on the board of directors for a major healthcare network based in New York’s Hudson Valley.   He also serves as Deputy Supervisor for the Town of Dryden, New York.  

Dan holds an MPA from the Maxwell Graduate School of Public Affairs at Syracuse University and a BS from Ithaca College.

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