Charles Henderson
Senior Research Associate


My primary research interests and expertise are in statistical methods, evaluation research, statistical computing, medical applications, and the ecology of human development.  I have developed statistical and computational methods for a wide range of problems, with an emphasis on methods for the analysis of complex models involving fixed and random factors, missing data, selection bias, semiparametric specifications, and other complications typically present in ecological, sociological, medical, biological, and evaluation research.  Much of my research has involved multilevel sampling designs, with analysis of complex mixed models including covariates at multiple levels, random regressions, and longitudinal data.  Several of the projects for which I have been a statistician and investigator are nationally recognized, with significant impact on public policy. I have had a focus on statistical computing over this same time period, including writing of statistical software to carry out analyses not able to be done by packaged programs.  


Development of statistical methods, evaluation strategies, computational algorithms, and computer programs; data analysis and interpretation; publication of results.

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Guillory, J., Chang, P., Henderson, C., Shengelia, R., Lama, S.,
     Warmington. M., Jowza, M., Gay, G., Reid, M.C. (2015) Piloting a
     text message-based social support intervention for patients with
     chronic pain: establishing feasibility and preliminary efficacy.
     The Clinical Journal of Pain, 31(6), 548-556.


Sabir, M., Henderson, C., Kang, S-Y., Pillemer, K. (2015) Attachment-
     focused integrative reminiscence with older African-Americans:
     a randomized controlled intervention study. Aging & Mental Health,
     March, 1-12.

Lust, B., Sherman, J., Flynn, S. Gair. J., Henderson, C., et al. (2015)
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Reid, M.C., Henderson, C., Murtaugh, C., et al. Effectiveness of a cognitive                  behavioral therapy home care program for chronic pain: results of a randomized      trial, JAGS, in press.


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