Colleen Carey
Colleen Carey
Assistant Professor
Policy Analysis and Management

2224 Martha Van Rensselaer Hall



Colleen Carey joined the Department of Policy Analysis and Management at Cornell University in 2015. An economist by training, her research focuses on the industrial organization of health care, with special attention to federal regulation of health insurance markets.  She is a Faculty Research Fellow at the National Bureau of Economic Research.  Previously, she was a Robert Wood Johnson Scholar in Health Policy Research at the University of Michigan and a Staff Economist at the Council of Economic Advisers. 

Prof. Carey's research informs the design of publicly-subsidized health insurance markets such as the Affordable Care Act marketplaces.  She is particularly interested in the success of federal regulations, such as reinsurance and risk adjustment, in neutralizing adverse selection in these markets.  In other research, she has studied how the financial relationships between physicians and drug firms affect prescribing behavior, the success of state policies that aim to interdict prescription opioid abuse, and the health of recipents of Social Security Disability Insurance.   

Personal webpage:

Carey, Colleen, Sarah Miller, and Laura Wherry. 2020. "The Impact of Insurance Expansions on the Already Insured: Evidence from Medicare." Forthcoming at American Economic Journal: Applied Economics.

Carey, Colleen, Anupam B. Jena, and Michael L. Barnett. 2018. "Patterns of Potential Opioid Misuse and Subsequent Adverse Outcomes in Medicare, 2008-2012." Annals of Internal Medicine. doi: 10.7326/M17-3065.

Buchmueller, Thomas and Colleen Carey. 2018. ``The Effect of Prescription Drug Monitoring Programs on Opioid Utilization in Medicare.''  American Economic Journal: Economic Policy. 10(1).

Carey, Colleen. 2017. “Technological Change and Risk Adjustment: Benefit Design Incentives in Medicare Part D.”  American Economic Journal: Economic Policy. 9(1).

Carey, Colleen and Stephen Shore. 2013. “From the Peaks to the Valleys: Cross-State Evidence on Income Volatility Over the Business Cycle.” Review of Economics and Statistics. 95(2): 549-562.

Buchmueller, Thomas, Colleen Carey, and Helen Levy. 2013. “Will Employers Drop Health Insurance Coverage Because of the Affordable Care Act?” Health Affairs. 32(9): 1522-1530.

Sommers, Benjamin D., Thomas Buchmueller, Sandra L. Decker, Colleen Carey, and Richard Kronick. 2013. “The Affordable Care Act Has Led To Significant Gains In Health Insurance And Access To Care For Young Adults.” Health Affairs. 32(1): 1-11.


 Chung, Paul J., Craig Garfield, Marc N. Elliott, Colleen Carey, Carl Eriksson, and Mark Schuster.  2007. “Need for and Use of Family Leave among Parents of Children with Special Health Care Needs.” Pediatrics. 119: e1047-1055.

Faculty Research Fellow, National Bureau of Economic Research

Member, American Economic Association, American Society of Health Economists

PAM 3110, “Pharmaceutical Management and Policy”, introduces students to the pharmaceutical industry.  We tour drug development, approval, and marketing; we then compare the US context to the industry in Europe, emerging markets, and developing countries.  Current events in the industry are incorporated into class.  The course targets anyone interested in health care (no intermediate micro required).

PAM 5660, “Strategic Management and Organizational Design of Health Care Systems,” is a required course in the 2nd year of the Sloan Masters of Health Administration.  The course combines economics and business analysis in developing an understanding of how industry characteristics and firm behavior combine to create successful organizations.

 BA, Yale University, 2004.

PhD, Economics, Johns Hopkins University, 2013. 

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