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I am a graduate student working with Drs. Eve De Rosa and Adam Anderson in the Affect and Cognition Lab. I initially joined the ACLab in 2014 as a lab manager, following undergraduate research at the NYU Medical Center and post-graduate research at Johns Hopkins University, both focusing on systems neuroscience. I hold a BA in Psychology/Behavioral Neuroscience from the Macaulay Honors College at Hunter College, City University of New York.


My research examines the systems that give rise to flexible cognition, and changes in these systems across the lifespan. I am specifically interested in how neurochemicals modulate brain activity to support cognitive flexibility. I am also exploring how variability in physiological signals relates to adaptilibty in behavior.

Another arm of my research focusses on translating our findings about the biological underpinning of cognitive aging to interventions that help older people remain healthy and active.

  • Cammarata, C., Markello, R.D., & De Rosa, E.D. (2018, November). Lifespan and Cholinergic Changes to Cognitive Flexibility in Rats. Socity for Neuroscience, San Diego CA. 

  • Cammarata, C., & De Rosa, E.D. (2019, October). Modulation of Cortical Population Activity in Resolving Proactive Interference. Socity for Neuroscience, Chicago IL. 

  • Cammarata, C., Whethington, E. & De Rosa, E.D. (2019). Older adults’ use and acceptance of cognitive training tools. Manuscript in preparation. 

  • Cammarata, C., Zhou, N., Riley, E., Anderson, A.K. & De Rosa, E.D. (2019). Non-invasive vagus nerve stimulation mitigates age-related decline in cognitive flexibility. Manuscript in preparation

B.A. with Honors in Behavioral Neuroscience from the Macaulay Honors College at Hunter College, City University of New York, 2012

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