Graduate Student
Cornell Institute for Public Affairs


Claudia Poclaba is a first year MPA (2020) student at Cornell Institute for Public Affairs. She is a Fulbright and World Bank scholar from Argentina. Until recently, she was the communication planning coordinator of the Ministry of a internal Affairs, Public Infrastructure and Housing of Argentina, in which she had the opportunity to lead the communication board of the last national legislative elections, apart from the communication of the national infrastructure (i.e. drinking water systems, public hospitals, urban planning, etc.).

In 2013, she was a corp member of Teach for Argentina and gave classes in low income high schools of Buenos Aires. In 2015, she became the leadership manager of 18 Teach for Argentina’s Corp members, so she was in charge of their classes impact evaluation. During 2016,she was selected by Teach for Argentina to do the Summer Business Scholar Program at Chicago Booth. Claudia has been always social engaged with her community, that’s why she was for almost 8 years a disaster volunteer at the Red Cross Argentina.

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