Araujo de Aguiar

Ph.D. Student
Design + Environmental Analysis

Founded in three main bodies of knowledge - HCI, Environmental Psychology and Architectural Robotics - Carlos' research explores how distributed, responsive systems can foster social interaction and place attachment in human inhabitants. In addition, Carlos is also contributing to the development of the home+ project enabling aging in place, such that his broader aim is to make a more capacious living environment for older people both inside and outside their homes.

  • Bernard, A., de Aguiar, C. H., Green, K. (2018). Model for a Rigid, 3D Mechanism Inspired by Pop-Up Origami, and its Application to a Re-configurable, Physical Environment. IEEE CASE, at Munich, Germany.
  • Verma, S., Gonthina, P., Hawks, Z., Nahar, D., Brooks, J., Walker, I., Wang, Y., de Aguiar, C. H., Green, K. (2018). Design and Evaluation of Two Robotic Furnishings Partnering with Each Other and Their Users to Enable Independent Living. Pervasive Health, at New York, USA.
  • Choueiri, M., Duffy, S., Guria, S., McCarthy, C., Moure, P., Todalbagi, A., Wang, Y., de Aguiar, C. H. , Green, K. (2018). Can Interactive Systems Be Designed for Conviviality? A Case Study. DIS 2018 PWiP, at Hong Kong.
  • de Aguiar, C. H., Green, K. (2018). transFORM - A Cyber-Physical Environment Increasing Social Interaction and Place Attachment in Underused, Public Spaces. DIS 2018 PWiP, at Hong Kong.
  • de Aguiar, C. H.,  Fateminasab, R., Frazelle, C., Schott, R., Wang, Y. Wooten, M., Green, K., Walker, I. (2016). The Networked, Robotic home+ Furniture Suite: A Distributed, Assistive Technology Facilitating Aging in Place. IEEE CASE 2016, At Fort Worth, Texas, USA, Volume: pp. 1067-1072
  • de Aguiar, C. H. (2016). EnAct. A Responsive, Cyber-physical Architecture as Social Activator of Informal Gathering Spaces in the City. archi-Doct Journal, Transformable Architecture, 7th edition.


Classes as a teaching assistant (TA) at Cornell University:

  • Interaction Design (IxD) Studio
  • Health Care Innovations 
  • Human Centered Design Methods
  • Making a Difference by Design

Classes as an instructor at Clemson University:

  • Architecture Communication
  • Architectural Portfolio


  • Cornell University, College of Human Ecology - DEA - Candidate 2020 Ph.D. in Human Behavior and Design - Ithaca, NY
  • Clemson University, College of Architecture, Arts and Humanities - CAAH 2016 Ph.D. in Planning, Design and Built Environment - Clemson, SC (transfered to Cornell University)
  •  University of Washington, College of Built Environment – BE 2015 Master Science in Design Computing  - Seattle, WA
  • Universidade Estácio de Sá, School of Architecture and Urban Planning  2012 Bachelor’s in Architecture and Urbanism - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
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