Visiting Fellow
Bronfenbrenner Center for Translational Research


Barbara Ganzel, PhD, LMSW, joined the Ithaca College Gerontology Institute as Director on May 16, 2016. She and Dr. Elizabeth Bergman are the joint founding directors of the new Center for Palliative Care at the Institute.

"I have been associated with the Bronfenbrenner Center for Translational Research and the Department of Human Development at Cornell University since 1996 in a variety of capacities. Most recently, I was PI and Director of the Lifespan Affective Neuroscience Laboratory in the Department of Human Development. I also advised undergraduate and graduate research students, and taught courses in neuroscience and human development.

At the Ithaca College Gerontology Institute, my work focuses on trauma-informed hospice and palliative care. I recently re-specialized in clinical work in order to develop and administer trauma-specific interventions to reduce stress and distress at and near the end of life."

Research and Theoretical Interests
  • *Modulation of stress biology and stress outcomes by lifespan development   
  • *Theoretical and organic linkages between stress, emotion, and lifespan neurodevelopment    
  • *Development of treatment strategies for stress/trauma at or near the end of life 

Ganzel, B. L. (advance access publication December 6, 2016). Trauma-Informed hospice and palliative care. The Gerontologist, 00, 00, 1-11. doi:10.1093/geront/gnw146

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For a full listing of publications, please see my CV or my NCBI Cataloged Journal Publications 1/bibliography/41156324/public/?sort=date&direction=descending

LMSW       Binghamton University, Binghamton, NY  2013-2015  (NYS licensure 3/16)

postdoc     Cornell University, Ithaca, NY -- 2007-2009

postdoc     Weill Cornell Medical College, NY, NY -- 2004-2007

Ph.D.        Cornell University, Ithaca, NY -- 2004

Ed.M.        Harvard University, Cambridge, MA -- 1996

B.A.          Rice University, Houston, TX -- 1981

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