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Brandon Tripp is an economist specializing in behavioral economics. He earned bachelors and masters degrees in economics from the University of Kansas, and a PhD in economics from Cornell University. After a postdoc in the economics dept at Cornell, he joined PAM as a lecturer in 2016. 

In teaching any sort of economics or policy course, I try to engage students early (and often) in an ongoing discussion. Whenever possible, I try to emphasize the ideas that: (i) most economics questions can have multiple answers; and (ii) most answers rely on some critical assumptions. I believe that this approach also helps build the student's confidence to simply ask a question in the first place -- a positive externality that goes beyond economics!

PAM 2040: Economics of the Public Sector
PAM 6390: Microeconomic Theory (PhD)
PAM 3130/5130: Behavioral Economics and Public Policy
PAM 5040: Economics of the Public Sector (Masters)

PAM 3100: Multiple Regression Analysis

University of Kansas: BA (Economics, 06) & MA (Economics, 08)

Cornell University: PhD (Economics, 14)

Advisor for Health Care Policy major

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