Andrew Siwo
Cornell Institute for Public Affairs


High-touch, culture additive, tri-sector (for-profit, non-profit, government) pracademic with more than 15 years of experience on Wall Street and at category-dominant firms. A visionary comfortable with ambiguity and adept at linking relevant data to pinpoint core issues and stimulate collaboration to achieve desired goals.

Siwo, Andrew T. The Future of Policy and Investor Responses to Climate Change, CFA Institute, November 24, 2020. Siwo, Andrew T. “Activist and Impact Investing.” Chapter 18, in Equity Markets, Valuation, and Analysis with M. Sinodinos and A. Spieler. Hoboken, NJ, 2020.: Wiley, 2020. Siwo, Andrew T. A Primer for Evaluating Impact Investment Managers, Pensions and Investments, July 16, 2019. Siwo, Andrew T. Measuring the Hard to Measure, Stanford Social Innovation Review, May 11, 2018. Siwo, Andrew T. “Carbon Trading: A Method for Preserving the Environment and Reducing Poverty.” Sustainable Energy Pricing, by Gary Zatzman, 380-387. Hoboken, N.J.: Wiley, 2012.
Board member/Co-founder - Impact Capital Forum, Life Member - Alpha Phi Alpha.
Critical thinking is a key component of public administration training. The prevalence of “signals and noises” requires navigating through ambiguity and maintaining a healthy skepticism while linking relevant data to pinpoint core issues and solutions across various topics meaningfully. I use my tri-sector experiences within the field of sustainability and ESG to provide a practitioner-driven pedagogical experience. Moreover, students should not just gain technical and conceptual skills, but also an awareness of how to be more competitive in the labor market. In addition, I have worked extensively with students regarding their career development and interests.
MPA, Cornell University, BA, Morehouse College
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