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Human Development


Amelia Courtney Hritz is a dual PhD/JD student in Cornell University’s Developmental Psychology and Law Program. Her research focuses on witness suggestibility and the creation of false memories. She also studies factors influencing jury decision making like race, gender, and empathy. She was Editor-in-Chief of Volume 102 of the Cornell Law Review and president of the Women’s Law Coalition (2015-2016). She is also a student in the Cornell Capital Punishment Clinic and participates in education outreach for the Cornell Institute for Women and Science.

Eisenberg, A. M., Hritz, A. C., Royer, C. E., & Blume, J. H. (forthcoming 2017). If it walks like systematic exclusion and quacks like systematic exclusion: Follow-up essay on removal of women and African-Americans in jury selection in South Carolina capital cases, 1997-2014. South Carolina Law Review. 

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Hans, V. P., Blume, J. H., Eisenberg, T., Hritz, A. C., Johnson, S. L., Royer, C. E., & Wells, M. T. (2015). The death penalty: Should the judge or jury decide who dies? Journal of Empirical Legal Studies, 12(1), 70-99.

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Ceci, S. J., Hritz, A. C., & Royer, C. E. (2015). Understanding suggestibility. In W. O’Donohue & M. Fanetti (Eds.), Forensic Interviews Regarding Child Sexual Abuse - A Guide to Evidence-Based Practice.

Ph.D., Cornell University, 2018 (expected)

J.D., Cornell Law School, 2017

M.A., John Jay College of Criminal Justice, City University of New York, 2012

B.A., Johns Hopkins University, 2009