General Information

  • Each minor is open to all Cornell University undergraduates (other than PAM and HCP majors).
  • Students must choose either the PAM or the Health Policy minor, they cannot complete both.
  • Keeping track of courses required and completed is the student's responsibility.
  • Students will not be assigned a PAM advisor.
  • In order to receive preference for enrollment in PAM courses that are at course limits, complete the  Intention to Minor in PAM form. Submit the form to Jen Wright  ( using the Secure File Transfer, any time after you have completed at least one of the minor requirements. Unfortunately, formally declaring intent to minor in PAM does not guarantee that a student will be able to take a given PAM course in a given semester.

During the semester in which you are planning to graduate:

Questions related to the Health Policy and PAM minors and should be addressed to Jen Wright, undergraduate coordinator, or Sharon Sassler, Director of Undergraduate Studies.

Minors in the Department of Policy Analysis and Management