Faculty Research Interests

Rosemary Avery
rja7@cornell.edu | 607-255-2578
Adolescents, at-risk children or youth, foster care, child welfare, consumer behavior, pharmaceutical advertising, regulation
Nicolas Bottan
nlb75@cornell.edu | 607-255-5724
Public finance, behavioral economics, labor economics, urban economics and economics of education
Colleen Carey
cmc528@cornell.edu | 607-255-9627
Industrial organization of health care, health insurance market design, supply-side health care regulation, economics of pharmaceutical markets
John Cawley
jhc38@cornell.edu | 607-255-0952
Economics, health economics, health policy, public policy, obesity
Jamein Cunningham
Labor economics, urban economics, economics of crime, economic history
Rachel Dunifon
red26@cornell.edu | 607-255-6535
Child and family policy, social policy, maternal employment, welfare reform, grandparents, children's living arrangements
Maria Fitzpatrick
mdf98@cornell.edu | 607-255-1272
Economics of education, public finance, labor economics, teacher and public employee compensation, retirement benefits, early childhood education, higher education
R. Rick Geddes
rrg24@cornell.edu | 607-255-8391
Infrastructure investment, public-private partnerships, transportation policy, postal service, corporate governance, women's property rights
Matthew Hall
msh284@cornell.edu | 607-255-1639
Immigrant incorporation in new destinations; racial/ethnic inequality in residential quality and housing attainment; emerging patterns of and trends in residential segregation; neighborhood change and succession; the impacts and costs of undocumented migration and legal status; and the effects of local immigrant policies on population migration
Max Kapustin
Reducing crime and violence; improving educational, health, and other life outcomes of disadvantaged youth and adults; policing; public policy; experimental economics; applied econometrics
Donald Kenkel
dsk10@cornell.edu | 607-255-2594
Health economics, public health, tobacco control, cost-benefit analysis
Pauline Leung
pleung@cornell.edu | 607-255-8363
Public economics, labor economics, public policy
Daniel Lichter
dtl28@cornell.edu | 607-254-8781
Welfare policy and poverty; cohabitation and marriage, including racial and ethnic intermarriage; demography of rural America; and immigration into new Hispanic destinations
Michael Lovenheim
mfl55@cornell.edu | 607-255-0705
Public finance, labor economics and economics of education
Alan Mathios
adm5@cornell.edu | 607-255-2138
Advertising, food and drug administration, federal trade commission, health outcomes, health disparities, cigarettes, tobacco, pharmaceuticals, direct-to-consumer advertising, cigarette taxes
Douglas Miller
dlm336@cornell.edu | 607-255-3870
Public economics, labor economics, applied microeconometrics, economic environment and health outcomes
Kelly Musick
kam386@cornell.edu | 607-255-6067
Family demography, marriage, fertility, social class, inequality
Sean Nicholson
sn243@cornell.edu | 607-254-6498
Health economics, pharmaceuticals, physicians
Zhuan Pei
zhuan.pei@cornell.edu | 607-255-2503
The effect and design of social and employment programs and applied micro-econometric methods in causal inference
Adriana Reyes
a.reyes@cornell.edu | 607-255-2512
Family demography, health disparities
Peter Rich
peter.rich@cornell.edu | 607-255-0219
Segregation, education, inequality, demography
Nicholas Sanders
njs224@cornell.edu | 607-255-6485
Environmental economics, environmental policy and health, public externalities, labor economics
Sharon Sassler
ss589@cornell.edu | 607-254-6551
Family demography, gender, inequality, STEM employment
Laura Tach
lmt88@cornell.edu | 607-254-5282
Poverty and public policy; family demography; neighborhood inequality and housing
Sharon Tennyson
st96@cornell.edu | 607-255-2619
Consumer policy, government regulation, insurance, financial services, law and economics
William Trochim
wmt1@cornell.edu | 607-255-0887
Public health, gerontology and aging, mental health, education; community-based concept mapping for planning & evaluation, systems thinking in public health, integration of research and practice, methods for evaluating large research initiatives, systems thinking in evaluation, and STEM evaluation
Maureen Waller
mrw37@cornell.edu | 607-254-4844
Poverty, family, social policy, child support policy and qualitative and mixed methods
Nicolas Ziebarth
nrz2@cornell.edu  | 607-255-1180
Health insurance, sick leave insurance, disability insurance, health behavior, population aging, population health, measurement of health, health expenditures, labor market & social insurance, labor supply, human capital, health risks, risk perception biases, risky health behavior, program evaluation, causal inference