Faculty Research Interests

Rosemary Avery
E-mail rja7@cornell.edu | 2301G MVR Hall | 607-255-2578
Research interests: family policy: New York State child welfare system, foster care experiences of children relinquished for adoption, state adoption recruitment efforts, and permanency for adolescents exiting foster care; consumer policy: messages and persuasive content of print advertising and prime-time television
Nicolas Bottan
E-mail nlb75@cornell.edu | 3220 MVR Hall | 607-255-5724
Research interests: public finance, behavioral economics, labor economics, urban economics and economics of education.
Colleen Carey
E-mail cmc528@cornell.edu | 298 MVR Hall | 607-255-9627
Research interests: industrial organization of health care, health insurance market design, supply-side health care regulation, economics of pharmaceutical markets
John Cawley
E-mail jhc38@cornell.edu  2312 MVR Hall | 607-255-0952
Research interests: effect of body weight on labor market outcomes such as wage rates, unemployment, employment disability, and the transition from welfare to work; role of body weight in adolescent behavior, such as smoking and sexual activity; treatments for and methods of preventing obesity
Rachel Dunifon
E-mail red26@cornell.edu | 248 MVR Hall | 607-255-6535
Research interests: Rachel studies child and family policy, with a focus on factors influencing the development of less-advantaged children. Specific research topics include examining the relationship between maternal employment conditions and children's health and development; considering the well-being of children in various family living arrangements, such as single-parenthood and cohabitation; and the role of grandparents in the lives of youth.
Maria Fitzpatrick
E-mail mdf98@cornell.edu | 103 MVR Hall | 607-255-1272
Research interests: economics of education, public finance, labor economics, teacher and public employee compensation, retirement benefits, early childhood education, higher education
R. Rick Geddes
E-mail rrg24@cornell.edu | 251 MVR Hall | 607-255-8391
Research interests: private investment in transportation infrastructure, corporate governance, postal economics, and the economics of women's rights
Matthew Hall
E-mail msh284@cornell.edu | 295 MVR Hall | 607-255-1639
Research interests: immigrant incorporation in new destinations; racial/ethnic inequality in residential quality and housing attainment; emerging patterns of and trends in residential segregation; neighborhood change and succession; the impacts and costs of undocumented migration and legal status; and the effects of local immigrant policies on population migration
Max Kapustin
E-mail kapustin@cornell.edu | 3221 MVR Hall
Research interests: reducing crime and violence; improving educational, health, and other life outcomes of disadvantaged youth and adults; policing; public policy; experimental economics; applied econometrics
Donald Kenkel
E-mail dsk10@cornell.edu | 2310 MVR Hall | 607-255-2594
Research interests: economics of consumer health behavior, including both medical care purchases and health promotion and disease prevention choices made outside of the medical care sector; impact of higher taxes on youth and adult smoking cessation; cost benefit analysis of public policies
Hyuncheol Bryant Kim
E-mail: hk788@cornell.edu | 143 MVR Hall | 607-255-5969
His research fields are health, development, education, and public economics. There are two themes in his research. The first is to understand the impact of and behavioral responses to social intervention programs. He has investigated public cancer screening, public health screening, long term care insurance, and HIV/AIDS prevention programs. The second is to understand human development more fundamentally. Specifically, he is interested in the effect of fetal and early childhood condition on health and socio-economic outcomes in the long-run.
Daniel Lichter
E-mail dtl28@cornell.edu | 2314 MVR Hall, 202C Beebe Hall | 607-254-8781
Research interests: welfare policy and poverty; cohabitation and marriage, including racial and ethnic intermarriage; demography of rural America; and immigration into new Hispanic destinations
Michael Lovenheim
E-mail mfl55@cornell.edu | 102 MVR Hall | 607-255-0705
Research interests: public finance, labor economics and economics of education.
Alan Mathios
E-mail adm5@cornell.edu | 1300 MVR Hall | 607-255-2138
Research interests: effect of Food and Drug Administration regulatory policies on consumer and firm behavior; government tax policy and its impact on smoking onset and cessation
Douglas Miller
E-mail dlm336@cornell.edu |  185 MVR Hall | 607-255-3870
Research interests: Public economics, labor economics, applied microeconometrics, economic environment and health outcomes.
Kelly Musick
E-mail kam386@cornell.edu | 254 MVR Hall | 607-255-6067
Research interests: changes in marriage, cohabitation, and childbearing and their implications for adults, children, and - more broadly - processes of social stratification
Sean Nicholson
E-mail sn243@cornell.edu | 2307 MVR Hall | 607-254-6498
Research interests: the causes of regional variations in medical spending; the value of new medical technologies; and innovation in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.
Zhuan Pei
E-mail zhuan.pei@cornell.edu | 153 MVR Hall | 607-255-2503
Research interests: the effect and design of social and employment programs and applied micro-econometric methods in causal inference
Peter Rich
E-mail peter.rich@cornell.edu | 186 MVR Hall |
Research Interests: how do social selection processes impact inequalities over time and across generations? Recent projects have evaluated how micro decisions in housing, school, and marriage markets both reflect and reproduce racial and economic stratification, and how such decisions are impacted by policy and local context. Related work utilizes spatial demographic techniques to evaluate the uneven geographic distribution of educational opportunities and its relevance for school choice and housing policy.
Nicholas Sanders
E-mail njs224@cornell.edu | 106 MVR | 607-255-6485
Research interests: environmental economics, environmental policy and health, public externalities, labor economics
Sharon Sassler
E-mail ss589@cornell.edu | 297 MVR Hall | 607-254-6551
Research interests: factors shaping the activities of young adults and their life course transitions into school and work, relationships, and parenthood; how these transitions vary by gender, race/ethnicity, and class; cohabitation; gender differences in immigrant adaptation
Laura Tach
E-mail lmt88@cornell.edu | 247 MVR Hall | 607-254-5282
Research interests: Does public policy mitigate, reproduce, or exacerbate inequality? In particular, how welfare policies and housing policies influence the wellbeing of disadvantaged families and children; the causes and consequences of family instability, nonmarital childbearing, and non-traditional family structures
Sharon Tennyson
E-mail st96@cornell.edu | 252 MVR Hall | 607-255-2619
The design and impact of consumer protection regulations in insurance markets and credit card markets; consumers' insurance literacy; insurance bad faith liability; automobile insurance regulation; consumers' use of information in insurance and prescription drug markets; law and economics of women's rights.
William Trochim
E-mail wmt1@cornell.edu | 435 Kennedy Hall | 607-255-0887
Research interests: public health, gerontology and aging, mental health, education; community-based concept mapping for planning & evaluation, systems thinking in public health, integration of research and practice, methods for evaluating large research initiatives, systems thinking in evaluation, and STEM evaluation.
Maureen Waller
E-mail mrw37@cornell.edu | 257 MVR Hall | 607-254-4844
Research interests: fatherhood, marriage and family formation in low-income communities (e.g., interpretations of paternal responsibility, fathers as caregivers of young children, the implications of fathers' incarceration for family relationships, tensions in the relationships between low-income parents, the link between couples' pregnancy intentions and behavior, unmarried couples' expectations for marriage and their fear of divorce); the effectiveness of social policies in low-income communities (e.g., child support, paternity establishment, welfare, incarceration)