The Sabbatical Visitors Program is CPIP’s most successful efforts. Through this program, seasoned academic from around the world who share an interest in infrastructure policy broadly defined are able to visit Cornell’s Ithaca campus. The length of their stay varies from a summer, to a semester, to a full academic year.

CPIP sabbatical visitors are able to interact with other CPIP faculty affiliates. They are also required to give an in-class lecture for Cornell infrastructure policy students, hold office hours, brown-bags lunches, and attend group dinners with students.

CPIP is very proud of the top scholars from around that world that the CPIP Sabbatical Visitor’s Program has attracted, and plans to expand the program in the future.

Name title From site time

Daniel Albalate Del Sol


University of Barcelona, Spain


May 2013

Germà Bel


University of Barcelona, Spain

Bel website

Summer 2014

Eoin Reeves

Associate Professor, Director of the Privatisation and PPP Research Group

University of Limerick, Ireland

Reeves website

Spring 2014

Judith Clifton

Associate Professor

University of Cantabria, Spain

Clifton website

Fall 2014

Daniel Díaz-Fuentes


University of Cantabria, Spain

Díaz-Fuentes website

Fall 2014

Martin Boyer


University of Montreal, Canada

Boyer website

Spring 2015

Dónal Palcic


University of Limerick, Ireland

Palcic website

Spring 2016

Rui Cunha Marques


Universidade de Lisboa, Institute Superior Tecnico

Marques website

Fall 2016