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The Cornell Broadband Network is a virtual community of Cornell faculty, students, and other parties outside the university who are interested and engaged in issues related to broadband, such as accessibility and equity, technology, regulation, economics, and finance.  CBN facilitates connections among researchers, students, and external partners with the objective of harnessing resources across the university to foster new ideas and models to address our national and global broadband challenge.

CBN is a part of the Cornell Program in Infrastructure Policy. CPIP is focused on improving the delivery, maintenance, and operation of physical infrastructure. CPIP coordinates scholars across multiple disciplines both inside and outside of Cornell University who share an interest in public policies impacting infrastructure. 

We invite your participation in the Cornell Broadband Network. If you would like additional information, to be placed on our mailing list, included in the directory, and/or to contribute to the CBN Blog, contact John Foote, Lecturer-Science, Technology and Infrastructure Policy, Cornell Institute for Public Affairs

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