Spring 2021 PAM Outstanding TA Awards

Rene Crespin and Julia Zhu

Congratulating to the Spring 2021 PAM Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award recipients! 

Rene Crespin – PAM 2070: Big Data for Big Policy Problems, Cornell-NEEL Pre-College Program

Julia Zhu – PAM 2100: Introduction to Statistics

Rene and Julia taught important introductory courses this semester and brought exceptional dedication, expertise, and inspiration to their roles. 

These awards are intended to recognize and incentivize outstanding work by teaching assistants, and to signal to potential employers that the recipients are outstanding teachers. The awards are based on student course evaluations (both the numeric scoring and open-ended responses) and the feedback of faculty teaching the courses.  Factors related to the difficulty of TAing the course (e.g. enrollment, workload, sections, whether it's a required course) are also taken into account. 

Thank you to all of our PhD students and teaching assistants for their dedication and commitment to outstanding teaching.