Recent Health Care Policy graduate receives Fulbright award

Clare Rice holding graduation cap

Clara Rice, Health Care Policy ’21, recently received the Fulbright U.S. Student Grant for an Individually Designed Study/Research Project. Her project titled, “The Impact of COVID-19 on Sexual and Reproductive Health Care Interactions in Zambia” will bring her to Zambia early this fall. Affiliated with the University of Zambia, Clara will live and study in Lusaka, the capital city, and travel to health facilities in both urban and rural areas in the Copperbelt Province and North-Western Province.

The summer after her sophomore year Clara participated in the Cornell Global Health Program in Zambia. Through this program, she conducted qualitative research for the Nutrition Association of Zambia and published papers through the Southern African Institute for Policy and Research. This experience led her to reevaluate her preconceived ideas on research. She says, “I was surprised to come home and find that I did not make a huge academic discovery. I then did a lot of reflection on this experience and my preconceived biases - this sparked a new sense of curiosity and humility for me and made me eager to continue learning and travel abroad again.”

Hoping to expand upon her research, Clara applied for the Fulbright U.S. Student Grant. Her project will focus on Covid-19’s impact on sexual and reproductive healthcare, examining how these topics sit at an important intersection of health and women’s rights. 

Clara says she’s most excited to meet new people, build relationships and learn from others while working on this project. She shared, “I learned so much by talking to and watching Zambian health professionals during my study abroad in 2019 and want to build on that. I'm hoping that this learning helps me develop into a more understanding professional and better person before I continue onto grad school and the rest of my career.”