Course Spotlight: PAM 5280 Population Health for Health Managers

Students sitting spaced out in Cornell classroom

Course Spotlight: PAM 5280: Population Health for Health Managers with Julie Carmalt, Associate Director, Senior Lecturer, Sloan Program in Health Administration

Population health focuses on the health and well‐being of entire populations. Populations may be geographically defined, such as neighborhoods or counties; may be based on groups of individuals who share common characteristics such as age, race‐ethnicity, disease status, or socioeconomic status; or may be "attributed" to accountable healthcare organizations using a variety of methods.

With roots in epidemiology, public health, and demography, a key component of population health is the focus on the social determinants of health and collaborative, holistic, patient‐centered and coordinated care to improve population health, identify and reduce health disparities, improve healthcare quality, and reduce healthcare costs. Given the shifting health care environment – from fee‐for‐service to value‐based care – healthcare managers who are able to apply tools to measure, analyze, evaluate and improve population health (one aim of IHI's Triple Aim) will be well‐positioned for positions in health care as the field continues to evolve.

This week PAM 5280 students are learning about risk stratifying patients by cost, utilization, and disease state in order to design tailored care management teams to improve outcomes and reduce costs for high cost/high needs patients.