Dan Lichter Named New Member of Census Bureau's National Advisory Committee

Dan Lichter next to Census logo

Census Bureau Announces New Leadership and Members for NAC The U.S. Census Bureau named new leaders and members to its National Advisory Committee on Racial, Ethnic and Other Populations (NAC)

Press Release | April 22, 2021

New NAC members are Brisa Sanchez, Helen Hatab Samhan, Rosemary Rodriguez, Karthick Ramakrishnan, Daniel Lichter, Iheoma Iruka, Florencia Gutierrez, Julio Guity-Guevara, D'Lane Compton, Richard Chang, and Gina Adams.

The NAC is scheduled to hold its Spring 2021 meeting virtually May 6-7.

NAC advises the Census Bureau on topics such as hard-to-count populations, race and ethnicity, language, aging populations, American Indian and Alaska Native tribal considerations, new immigrant populations, populations affected by natural disasters, highly mobile and migrant populations, complex households, rural populations, and population segments with limited access to technology. It also considers issues like data privacy and confidentiality.