PAM Course Spotlight: PAM 1050 Career Explorations

Zoom screen with three PAM students

PAM 1050 Career Explorations 

In the spring of 2019, Sophia Danziger PAM ‘21, Isabella Harnick PAM ’21, Sloan ’22 were reflecting on the different career paths they were following. Feeling that PAM students needed an opportunity to explore the range of career possibilities their PAM degrees could lead to, they proposed a new class – and worked to launch the PAM Career Explorations Course.  Under the direction of the PAM Director of Undergraduate Studies, Sharon Sassler, Undergraduate Advising & Course Coordinator, Jen Wright, and Director of Alumni Affairs and Development, Terri Jackson, they recruited alumni speakers and developed a successful first offering. Now in its second year, the PAM Career Explorations Course hosts weekly guest speakers to discuss a broad number of careers - public policy, research, education, real estate, government, finance, consulting, law, non-profit work, and more. All PAM alumni, guest speakers discuss how PAM influenced their work while addressing current issues, trends, and career opportunities. This year, Riya Desai PAM ’22, Sloan ’23, has joined the student team, ensuring a lasting legacy beyond the founders’ graduation this spring.

My enthusiasm for teaching professional  development skills motivated me to design and implement a course for PAM students, PAM 1050: Career Explorations, to interact with College alumni and provide opportunities for career networking. I believe this course serves the needs of many students and alumni within the PAM and broader Human Ecology community in a positive manner. This endeavor has given me a deeper appreciation for the significance of alumni networking at all stages of career development and the recognition that any connection can lead to future opportunities. With a strong foundation, enthusiastic faculty lead, and supportive alumni network, I hope this course will further integrate into the curriculum and start a movement within Human Ecology to recognize the need for career development courses for future generations of students.

Sophia Danziger
PAM ‘21

The PAM 1050 planning team would also like to thank all of the alumni who have volunteered their time to connect with students through this course, whose willingness to share expertise and advice has been an invaluable opportunity for our students. Thank you for helping our students explore the versatility of a PAM education!  Alumni interested in participating in future offerings are encouraged to complete this interest survey.  

Thank you to our spring 2021 PAM 1050 volunteers: Kenneth Kuk ’10, David DyTang ’12, Renee Bogues ’15, Rachel Portman ’15, Beth Murdock ’12, Christine Ramos ’10, Paige Hall ’13, Ty Siam ’11, Shwetha Sethuram ’16, Adam Shelepak ’17, Scott Monsky ’12, Leah Peters ’07, Celine Villongco ’11, Joshua Mbanusi ’12, Nate Houghton ’11, Jason Ment ’99, Edward Lee ’03, Rhea Fernandes ’12, Nancy Jiang ’19, Hayley Assael ’12, David Carlos ’99, Audrey Hu ’17, Victoria Veneziano ’12, Brenan Tobin ’19, Lee Schaffler ’01.