We feature a unique Ph.D. program that allows students to be advised, mentored and funded by PAM faculty whether the student is pursuing a Ph.D. in Policy Analysis and Management, Economics, or Sociology. Here is information about PAM-funded Ph.D. students in each of these areas:

Ph.D. Students in the Field of PAM

Mariana Amorim
Marisa Carlos
Christine Coyer
Rene Crespin
Michael Daly
Samuel Dodini
Zihan Hu
Anna Malinovskaya
Erin McCauley
Pamela Meyerhofer
Andrea Monge
Tatiana Padilla
Emily Parker
Grace Philips
Nathan Robbins
Stephenson Strobel
Jeffrey Swigert
David Wasser
Katherine Wen
Alexander Willen
Kai Xie
Xing Zhang
Julie Zhu

PAM-based Ph.D. Students in the Field of Economics

Cassandra Benson
Anne Burton
Matthew Comey
James Elwell
Amanda Eng
Katelyn Heath
Lawrence Jin
Martha Johnson
Suejin Lee
Corbin Miller
Lucy Xiaolu Wang
Barton Willage
Qinghan Yan
Jun Hyun Yun

PAM-based Ph.D. Students in the Field of Sociology

Bridget Brew
Jocelyn Fischer
Mary Beth Morrissey
Youngmin Yi