We feature a unique Ph.D. program that allows students to be advised, mentored and funded by PAM faculty whether the student is pursuing a Ph.D. in Policy Analysis and Management, Economics, or Sociology. Here is information about PAM-funded Ph.D. students in each of these areas:

Ph.D. Students in the Field of PAM

Daphne Blakey
Rene Crespin
Michael Daly
Ari Decter-Frain
Samuel Dodini
Qingli Fan
Megan Hyland ​
Pamela Meyerhofer
Andrea Monge
Giulia Olivero
Tatiana Padilla
Emily Parker
Nathan Robbins
Katharine Sadowski
Stephenson Strobel
Revathy Suryanarayana
Meredith Welch
Katherine Wen
Julia Zhu

PAM-based Ph.D. Students in the Field of Economics

Anne Burton
Matthew Comey
Amanda Eng
Katelyn Heath
Zihan Hu
Martha Johnson
Zongyang "Elmer" Li​
Grace Philips
Lucy Xiaolu Wang
David Wasser
Jun Hyun Yun

PAM-based Ph.D. Students in the Field of Sociology

Jocelyn Fischer
Erin McCauley
Mary Beth Morrissey
Youngmin Yi