Ph.D. Candidates on the Market 


Ph.D. Training in Economics and Sociology at Cornell University
At Cornell University economists and sociologist are trained in many departments, schools and colleges, and as a part of multiple graduate fields. Ph.D. job candidates with training in economics can also be found on the following web sites: Field of Economics, and Dyson School of Applied Economics and Management. Ph.D. job candidates with training in Sociology can be found here: The Department of Sociology

Placement Coordinator and Director of Graduate Studies: Laura Tach

jocelyn fischer

Jocelyn Fischer
Jocelyn Fischer CV

Educational Background:
B.A. in Economics from Smith College
M.A. in Sociology from Cornell University 

Fields of Interest:
Gender, Family, Work and Labor Market, Inequality and Social Stratification

Committee Members:
Kelly Musick (chair), Kim Weeden (co-chair), and Daniel Lichter 


Katelyn Heath
Katelyn Heath Website

Fields of Interest:
Economics of Education, Labor Economics, Public Finance 

Andrea Monge

Andrea Monge
Andrea Monge CV
Andrea Monge Website

Educational Background:
B.Sc. Health Sciences, University of Costa Rica
M.D. and Specialty in Head and Neck Surgery, University of Costa Rica
M.P.H. Health Management, University in Costa Rica

Fields of Interest:
Global Health, Health Economics, Health Policy, Health Services Management

Job market paper: Courts intervening in health care resource allocation: an empirical analysis

Committee Members:
Sean Nicholson (Chair), Colleen CareyThomas HoeNicolas Ziebarth

Lucy Wang

Lucy Xiaolu Wang
Lucy Xiaolu Wang Website

Educational Background:
B.A. Economics (specialty: Insurance), CUFE, Beijing, China
M.A. Economics, Duke University, Durham, NC, USA 

Fields of Interest:
Economics of Innovation, Health Care Economics, Industrial Organization, Public Finance

Job market paper: Global Drug Diffusion and Innovation with a Patent Pool: The Case of HIV Drug Cocktails 

Committee Members:
Sean Nicholson (co-chair), Michael Waldman (co-chair), Chris Forman, Michael Lovenheim

Youngmin Yi

Youngmin Yi
Yougmin Yi CV
Youngmin Yi Website

Educational Background:
B.A. Economics and French, Wellesley College
M.A. Sociology, Cornell University

Fields of Interest:
Family, Criminal Justice, Child Welfare, Race/Ethnicity, Demography

Job market paper: Institutions and Inequality in Childhood and the Transition to Adulthood: The Consequences of Criminal Justice and Child Welfare System Contact

Committee Members:
Daniel Lichter (co-chair), Christopher Wildeman (co-chair), Erin York Cornwell, Matthew Hall

Jun Yun

Jun Hyun Yun
Jun Hyun Yun CV
Jun Hyun Yun Website

Educational Background:
B.A. in Economics (Summa Cum Laude), Seoul National University
M.P.P., Seoul National University
M.P.P. (with Honors), University of Chicago

Fields of Interest:
Public Finance, Health Economics, Labor Economics   

Job market paper: Social Security Eligibility Age and the Health Outcomes and Health Behaviors of the Elderly

Committee Members: Michael Lovenheim (Chair), Douglas Miller, Nicolas Ziebarth