The Graduate Field of PAM consists of more than 40 faculty members trained in economics, sociology, and other policy-relevant disciplines. Field members are unified by their use of cutting-edge data and empirical approaches to study the compelling policy issues of our time.

Faculty in the Graduate Field of PAM have distinctive research strengths in the areas of social, economic, and health policy. Faculty specialize in topics such as health and health care, education, consumer protection, regulation, demography, labor and employment, criminal justice, environment, and social policy. Our faculty also have distinctive methodological specialization in applied econometrics, demographic techniques, and mixed methods. 


PAM Graduate Field Faculty

Rosemary Avery
Avery email
Professor PAM
Rosemary Avery adolescents, at-risk children or youth, foster care, child welfare, consumer behavior, pharmaceutical advertising, regulation

Michèle Belot
Belot email
Professor Economics 

Michele Belot applied microeconomics, with a special interest in experimental work in areas related to labour, health and education
Kendra Bischoff
Bischoff email
Assistant Professor
Kendra Bischoff segregation, education, income inequality
Francine Blau
Blau email
Francine Blau labor policy, gender, immigration
Nicolas Bottan
Bottan email
Assistant Professor PAM
Nico Bottan public finance, behavioral economics, labor economics, urban economics and economics of education
Colleen Carey
Carey email
Assistant Professor
Colleen Carey industrial organization of health care, health economics
John Cawley
Cawley email
Professor & Director Institute on Health Economics,
John Cawley economics, health economics, health policy, public policy, obesity
Benjamin Cornwell
Associate Professor
Ben Cornwell social networks, health, social stratification 
Erin York Cornwell
Cornwell email
Associate Professor
Erin Cornwell neighborhoods, law, health, aging, social networks
Rachel Dunifon
Dunifon email
Professor & Dean
Rachel Dunifon child and family policy, social policy, maternal employment, welfare reform, grandparents, children's living arrangements
Parfait Eloundou-Enyegue
Eloundou-Enyegue email
Professor; Department Chair; Associate Director, Cornell Population Center
Development Sociology
Parfait Eloundou-Enyegue global inequality, food security, youth employment, sustainable development
Maria Fitzpatrick
Fitzpatrick email
Professor PAM
Maria Fitzpatrick public economics, labor economics, child education
Richard Geddes
Geddes email
Professor & Director CPIP
Rick Geddes infrastructure investment, public-private partnerships, transportation policy, postal service, corporate governance, women's property rights
David Just
Just email
David Just applied economics and policy, food and agricultural economics

Max Kapustin
Kapustin email
Assistant Professor PAM

Max Kapustin reducing crime and violence; improving educational, health, and other life outcomes of disadvantaged youth and adults; policing; public policy; experimental economics; applied econometrics
Don Kenkel
Kenkel email
Professor & Co-Director, Institute on Health Economics
Don Kenkel health economics, public health, tobacco control, cost-benefit analysis

Philipp Kircher
Kircher email
Professor Economics

Philipp Kircher labor economics
Pauline Leung
Leung email
Assistant Professor
Pauline Leung public economics, labor economics, public policy
Daniel Lichter
Lichter email 
Ferris Family Professor Emeritus
Dan Lichter demography, population studies, poverty, children, population, race and ethnicity, family, inequality, immigration, Hispanics, cohabitation, marriage, Hispanic fertility, new destinations, migration
Michael Lovenheim
Lovenheim email
Professor, Department Chair
Michael Lovenheim economics of education, local taxation and regulation, cigarette and alcohol taxes and regulation on health outcomes
Vida Maralani
Maralani email
Associate Professor
Vida Maralani social inequality, demography, social stratification
Alan Mathios
Mathios email
Alan Mathios advertising, food and drug administration, federal trade commission, health outcomes, health disparities, cigarettes, tobacco, pharmaceuticals, direct-to-consumer advertising, cigarette taxes
Douglas Miller
Miller email
Professor, Associate Chair,
Doug Miller public economics, labor economics, applied microeconometrics, economic environment and health outcomes
Kelly Musick
Musick email
Chair, Professor, PAM 
Kelly Musick family demography, marriage, fertility, social class, inequality
Sean Nicholson
Nicholson email
Professor, Director
PAM, Sloan
Sean Nicholson health economics, pharmaceuticals, physicians
Jeff Niederdeppe
Niederdeppe email
Associate Professor
Jeff Niederdeppe communication, public health, health policy, health disparities
Eleonora Patacchini
Patacchini email
Eleonora Patacchini urban economics, labor economics, law and economics, political economy, policy evaluation, public policy
Zhuan Pei
Pei email
Assistant Professor
Zhuan Pei labor economics, applied econometrics, public policy
Karl Pillemer
Pillermer email
Professor, Senior Associate Dean for Research and Outreach,
Human Development
Karl Pillemer gerontology, life course studies, sociology of the family, long-term care, public policy, translational research
Adriana Reyes
Reyes email
Assistant Professor
Adriana Reyes family demography, health disparities
Evan Riehl
Riehl email
Assistant Professor
Evan Riehl labor economics, development economics, education
Peter Rich
Rich email
Assistant Professor
Peter Rich

 segregation, education, inequality, demography

David Sahn
Sahn email
Nutritional Sciences
David Sahn health economics, nutrition and poverty
Nicholas Sanders
Sanders email
Assistant Professor
Nick Sanders environmental economics, health economics, labor economics, environmental policy

Seth Sanders
Professor Economics

Seth Sanders labor economics and econometrics with a specialization in population research
Sharon Sassler
Sassler email
Professor, Director of Undergraduate Studies,
Sharon Sassler family, adolescents, gender issues, marriage, cohabitation, immigrants, relationships, young adult transitions
Laura Tach
Tach email
Associate Professor, Director of Graduate Studies,
Laura Tach poverty & public policy; family demography; neighborhood inequality & housing
Sharon Tennyson
Tennyson email
Sharon Tennyson consumer policy, government regulation, insurance, financial services, law and economics
William Trochim
Trochim email
Professor & Director
William Trochim evaluation, evaluation research, evaluation systems, systems evaluation, translational science, educational evaluation, educational assessment, educational improvement, concept mapping, translational research
Maureen Waller
Waller email
Maureen Waller poverty, family, social policy
Kim Weeden
Weeden email
Kim Weeden education, income inequality, gender inequality in labor markets, social class
Eleanor Wilking
Wilking email
Assistant Professor Law
  tax administration, particularly questions concerning individual income and consumption tax structuring, distribution, and compliance
Cristobal Young
Young email
Associate Professor
Cristobol Young tax policy, economics sociology, big data, quantitative methods
Nicolas Ziebarth
Ziebarth email
Associate Professor PAM
Nicolas Ziebarth health economics, labor economics, applied microeconomics