PAM faculty and staff affirm and extend messages from Human Ecology and University leadership condemning recent acts of racial violence and committing to change. Recent violence, in conjunction with disparate effects of the pandemic, have painfully highlighted the lethal impact of racism, injustice, and inequality and the work we have ahead. PAM has established a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Working Group to lead departmental efforts to address systemic racism and support our community. 

The working group is charged to develop concrete steps and metrics of progress for improving racial diversity, equity, and inclusion in PAM, including changes to our educational programming, training for faculty, staff, and students, forums for deeper learning about racism and anti-racism, initiatives to advance research and engagement to reduce racial inequality, and strategies for increasing our diversity. It has met regularly since July and will continue its work into the academic year.

Please reach out to us at with your concerns and suggestions.

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PAM Peer-Mentorship

An initiative from the DE&I Working Group that addresses the needs of students by providing a supportive community of peers, upper-class students, faculty members, and alumni for PAM and HCP majors.

If you are interested in becoming a mentor please fill out this online application. Applicants must be currently enrolled and have completed at least one year of their degree program. For questions or more information about the application process email us at

PAM Freshmen, Sophomores and all PAM Transfer Students are eligible to apply. Mentee applications open at the start of each semester. For more information please email us at


All Students, Faculty & Staff
All Students
  • ALANA Intercultural Board
    Provides programming and funding for programming related to diversity and intercultural efforts.
  • American Indian & Indigenous Studies Program  
    Provides support to students who identify as American Indian or Indigenous, including internship, funding, scholarship, residential life, and other opportunities.
  • Cornell Identity Resources
    Resources on identity and cultural centers and groups, to engage with individuals of similar background or connect with identities other than your own. 
  • LGBT Resource Center 
    A wide variety of resources, information about the LGBT community at Cornell, and ways to get involved.
  • Women’s Resource Center
    While this is open to all female students, the group expresses a specific commitment to women of color.
Undergraduate Students
Graduate Students
Faculty, Post Docs, TAs & Staff
  • Office of Faculty Development and Diversity 
    Provides a range of resources to support faculty development and diversity, including training and support for deans, department chairs, and individual faculty members. 
  • Colleague Network Groups
    University-sponsored groups to support traditionally underrepresented minorities and their allies.

All Students
Undergraduate Students
Graduate Students
All Students, Faculty & Staff
Graduate Students
All Students, Faculty & Staff
Faculty, Post Docs, TAs & Staff
All Students, Faculty & Staff

PAM Community Survey

The PAM Community Survey collected open-ended responses from students, staff, and faculty about their experiences in the department and ideas for concrete steps we can take to improve racial diversity, equity, and inclusion in PAM. We are grateful to all who shared their experiences and ideas. Click here to see a summary of data we collected from 50 student, staff, and faculty respondents.

Diversity in PAM

The following data offer a benchmark for tracking PAM’s efforts to increase the diversity of our community.

Note: Student counts are as of the end of the sixth week of the 2019 Fall term, and faculty and staff counts are as of July 1, 2020. Data on students registered in absentia, students who are non-degree seeking, and employees seeking degrees through the Cornell Employee Degree Program are excluded. International includes non-U.S. citizens and those with non-permanent resident status. Underrepresented minorities include Black, Hispanic, American Indian, and Hawaiian/Pacific Islander, or persons with multiple identities that include one or more of these groups.

PAM and HCP Undergraduate Majors (N=252)
  - International: 7%
  - US Underrepresented Minority: 17%
  - US Other Minority: 24%
  - US White: 44%
  - US Unknown: 8%

Sloan MHA and EMHA Students (N=96)
  - International: 9%
  - US Underrepresented Minority: 21%
  - US Other Minority: 28%
  - US White: 38%
  - US Unknown: 4%

PAM PhD Students (N=22)
  - International: 36%
  - US Underrepresented Minority: 23%
  - US Other Minority: 5%
  - US White: 27%
  - US Unknown: 9%

PAM Faculty (N=28)
  - International: 4%
  - US Underrepresented Minority: 7%   
  - US Other Minority: 11%
  - US White: 82%

PAM Other Academic/Staff (N=36)
  - International: 3%
  - US Underrepresented Minority: 6%
  - US Other Minority: 6%
  - US White: 89%

College-Wide Demographic Data
College of Human Ecology Demographic Data

University-Wide Demographic Data
Cornell University Diversity Dashboard 
Graduate School Diversity Dashboard

National Data
Faculty pipeline PhD Production by Program, Race and Gender
(An online tool, which provides the total number of PhD students by race, gender, and course of study at the top 50 institutions) 


Adriana Reyes

Assistant Professor, Policy Analysis and Management

Astride Charles

MHA Student, Sloan Program in Health Administration

Bb Ojo

Undergraduate Senior, Policy Analysis and Management 

Candace Megerssa

Undergraduate Junior, Policy Analysis and Management 

Colleen Carey

Assistant Professor, Policy Analysis and Management and Sloan Program in Health Administration

Doug Miller

Associate Chair & Professor, Policy Analysis and Management and Cornell Institute for Public Affairs

Jen Wright

Undergraduate Advising & Course Coordinator, Policy Analysis and Management (Working Group support)

Julie Carmalt

Associate Director & Senior Lecturer, Sloan Program in Health Administration

Kelly Musick

Professor & Department Chair, Policy Analysis and Management (Committee Chair)

Maureen Waller

Professor, Policy Analysis and Management

Shavasia Williams

Assistant to the Chair, Policy Analysis and Management (Working Group support)

Tatiana Padilla

Ph.D. Student, Policy Analysis and Management