I currently work as a consultant in the Environmental Health Group at ICF International. Our primary work is data collection, management, and analysis, and communication and translation of science and policy for the U.S., EPA and NIH. I have been involved with projects to conduct safety and risk assessments for arsenic, phthalates, air pollution, and other chemicals.

Katherine Worden, '15
Research Assistant, ICF International

Before starting my studies at Johns Hopkins, I worked as a data analyst at the Harvard Chan School of Public Health. I am currently studying health economics and policy. My research interests fall under three main questions: 1) To what extent are healthcare costs driven by a lack of clear prices? 2) What policies promote health in the workplace? and 3) How have health insurance policies evolved over the last quarter-century? Such research explores how price transparency tools impact cost and quality outcomes, whether workplace wellness programs promote heath and generate savings, and the impacts of the individual mandate for health insurance.

Harlan Pittell, '14
Ph.D. Candidate, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

I help to align efforts of the editorial and business sides of the company in order to enhance the reach of our journalism and other products, and build our audience's engagement. I do this by performing data analysis that informs evidence-based decision making by editorial, marketing, sales, and product development leaders.

Reed DesRosiers, '14
Analyst, Audience Development, POLITICO

TJX Companies owns TJ Maxx, Marshalls, Home Goods, and other international off-price retail chains. Using sales data analysis and future retail trends, I create merchandise financial plans that allocate funds to buyers to purchase goods. Additionally, I manage a team of employees who develop distribution strategies to get merchandise to the right stores at the right time.  

Margot Faude, '14
Associate Planner, The TJX Companies

At Apax, I focus on the acquisition and management of companies primarily in the digital and business services sectors.  As a team, we look for companies where we believe there are opportunities for growth and work with management over a ~4-5 year period of ownership to drive value creation. My role mainly involves helping to identify opportunities for investment, all aspects of the diligence process in ultimately coming to a decision on whether to invest, and then working with the portfolio companies in a number of ways throughout the hold period.

Jesse Bendit, '13
Associate, Apax Partners

PAM has many strengths as a department including content knowledge experts in a variety of fields. However, the most valuable element of my education was not the specific content knowledge, but the problem-solving framework instilled in nearly every class. In my role, I am typically making decisions with little to no precedent. An ability to analyze and conceptualize new problems and anticipate consequences is essential. My first exposure to this type of thinking came in my PAM classes.

Nathaniel Houghton, '11
President/Founder, Congo Leadership Initiative
Nathaniel Houghton