Policy Analysis and Management (PAM)

A major for students interested in current and pressing public policy issues in America

PAM main office entrance

Policy Analysis and Management has more than 30 faculty members with expertise in a variety of disciplines, including economics, sociology, demography, political science, public health, and public policy. Our expertise covers diverse topics in public policy including, but not limited to, medical care organizations, health promotion & disease prevention, aging & disability, welfare reform & the well-being of children and families, educational policy, crime & crime prevention, and market regulation.

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PAM’s faculty research generally falls into one of three thematic areas: family and social welfare, health, and consumer policy.

PAM has many strengths as a department including content knowledge experts in a variety of fields. However, the most valuable element of my education was not the specific content knowledge, but the problem-solving framework instilled in nearly every class. In my role, I am typically making decisions with little to no precedent. An ability to analyze and conceptualize new problems and anticipate consequences is essential. My first exposure to this type of thinking came in my PAM classes.

Nathaniel Houghton, '11
President/Founder, Congo Leadership Initiative & Associate, NextGen Venture Partners