The Human Ecology Alumni Association
2021 Pandemic HEROES Award
Human Ecology Recognizing Outstanding Examples of Service

This year, the Human Ecology Alumni Association (HEAA) is looking for all Human Ecology alumni (this includes alumni of Sloan and CIPA) who have proved themselves as pandemic helpers by honoring them with the HEAA 2021 Pandemic HEROES Award. All awardees will be included in our HEROES honor roll.

Who are we honoring?

Have you helped your community, workplace, or impacted individuals in response to the COVID-19 pandemic? Or do you know of Human Ecology alumni who have? If so, we would love to know so we may recognize the contributions of our alumni through this award of distinction. If you’ve answered “yes,” please don’t hesitate to complete the award nomination form for our consideration.

Description and Eligibility

In keeping with mission of Human Ecology to improve lives, this award will be focused on a person’s dedication, perseverance, positivity and altruistic concern and support of human welfare. It will recognize their qualities such as humility, kindness, and courage that have allowed them to make a significant difference in their community or profession during the pandemic

  • essential workers such as medical personnel, emergency workers, home health workers or others supporting the elderly or disabled, farmers, grocery store employees, public transportation workers, etc.
  • teachers, child-care workers, and other professionals supporting children’s welfare, nutritional needs and mental health
  • scientists involved in COVID-19 research
  • public service or government workers involved in policy development or implementation
  • volunteers providing food, clothing, shelter, meals, personal protective equipment, transportation, moral support, or other positive reinforcement to others
  • individuals supporting philanthropic projects within a local community or nationally

Submit your nomination


This HEAA 2021 Pandemic HEROES Award honor roll of selfless individuals will receive special recognition on a dedicated web page, and in an announcement to all alumni.

Please consider nominating yourself or other alumni to be honored with this distinctive award

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