Wang lab 2001

            Qi and her first lab members from left to right: Kiran, Amar, Qi, Ying, Heather, Iveta, and Erin



                                        Back row: Abie, Lara, Lakshmi, Diana, Erin, Kiran
                                        Middle row: Michelle, Qi, Christine, Tanni
                                        Front row: kneeling: Bo, Rachel, Darleen, Tiffany
                                        Front row lounging:  Melissa (lab manager)




              Back row: Yan, Rui, Jessica, Sean, Michelle, Tiffany, Youngna, Amanda, Sarah, Tanni, Bo
              Front row: Qian, Darleen, Rachel, Melissa, Qi, Amber, Dawne, Yoojin



                                                                                           Spring 2004

      From left to right: Kristine, Katrin, Rui, Sarah, Jessica, Amanda, Shawn, Rachel, Amber, Darleen, Bo, Qi



                            Back row: Bernard, Erin, Rola, Jess, Martha, Katie, Sean, Cagla, Lottie
                            Middle row: Charis, Yi, Amber, Rachel, Judith, Bethany, Qi
                            Front row: Stacey, Sarah


Wang Lab Summer06

                                                                                    Summer 2006

                                         Back (left to right): Sarah, Yi, Christine, Lingxia
                                         Front (left to right): Lottie, Rachel, Jessica, Qi, Yi


Wang lab 07


          Back row: Kathia, Ashwin, Bethany, Qingfang, Sonia, Cathy, Katherine, Laura,Yuh Li, Stacey, Qi
          Front row: Maya, Lindsay, Yi, Lindsay, Yin, Jessie


                                                    Lab_Fall 2008

                                Back row:  Ale, Tracy, Cagla, katherine, Zoe, Ashwin, Matt, Heather
                                Middle row: Quingfang, Caitlin, Lindsay, Van-Kim, Alicia, Lydia
                                Front row: Katie, Jessie, Stacey, Qi


                                 Wang Lab Spring09                                                                                      2008-09 Spring

              Back row: Andy, Ken, Katherine, Lydia, Travis, Tracy, Brittany, Katie, Kathryn, Victoria, Rachel
              Middle row: Diana, Minella, Lindsay, Van-Kim, Cheryl, Min, Alicia
              Front row: Cagla, Zoe, Stacey, Qi, Jessie, Qingfang



                                             Fall 2010

                                 Back row:  Rachel, Victoria, Vicky, Jessica, Issac, Jonthan

                                 Middle row:  Qi, Jessie, Anna, Amy, Yueyue, Janice, Rebecca, Diana, Stephanie

                                 Front row:  Qingfang, Rebecca, Erica, Van-Kim, Vivi, Tiffany, Angela