Pretty much all the honest truth telling there is in the world is done by children.
Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr.

Here are some of our favorite conversations between young children and their mothers about the share past (M-Mother; C-Child):

The whole family went to Florida. They stayed in a hotel near the sea.
M: When you look out the window, what did you see besides the Ocean?
C: A big sandbox.
M: A big sandbox?
C: Yeah. A really big sandbox!
M: You’re right; there’s a lot of sand there. But it’s actually called a beach.

Mom asked the child about the party they went together the week before.
M: Do you remember what happened with the balloon?
C: It flew up in the air.
M: It flew up in the air? Where’d it go?
C: It kissed the sun.

The family just had a trip to Disney World by air.
M: Remember we went to Disney World. Did we go on a plane?
C: Um… No.
M: No? How did we get there?
C: We just went in a plane to drive there.

Daddy took the child to one of his friends’ home. The child saw the son, a big boy, of Daddy's friend.
C: They didn’t have a sister or anybody.
M: Oh.
C: They still in somebody’s belly.
M: Oh, yeah? You think so?
C: Uh-huh.

Mom took child to visit his Great-grandma Bobby and Great-grandpa Arnold. On the way back home, child asked her Mommy:
C: Where does Bobby live?
M: In Connecticut; we were in her house.
C: Where does Arnold live?
M: Arnold lives with Bobby.
C: Why does Arnold live in the same house?
M: Because they’re married.
C: Why are they married?
M: Why are they married?
C: Yeah.
M: Because they love each other very, very much. And they wanted to get married and have children. And do you know who their children are?
C: Uh-huh.
M: Grandma Susan, Auntie Ellen.
C: And me.