A program that was written by Felix Thoemmes to conduct propensity score analysis in SPSS can be downloaded here:

The accompanying paper is available at:

I am currently developing an extension of the program to conduct propensity score matching in multi-level models, following the approach suggested by Thoemmes & West, 2011.

Continuously Cumulative Meta Analysis (CCMA):

The paper "Continuously Cumulating Meta-Analysis and Replicability" by Braver, Thoemmes, and Rosenthal (2014) presented ways to use CCMA to address issues of replicability.

Available for download are an R program that provides a template for a CCMA analysis, and an Excel spreadsheet that performs fixed-effects CCMA.

The accompanying paper is available at:

Replication code for:

Thoemmes,F. (2015). Empirical evaluation of directional-dependence tests. International Journal of Behavior Development
R Code

Also available at:
Harvard Dataverse
Open Science Framework