Research Labs

Adolescent Transitions Lab
Beebe Hall,  Room 177 Academic Surge B
Jane Mendle, Associate Professor

Adult Attachment Lab
Room 182 Academic Surge B
Cindy Hazan, Associate Professor

Affect and Cognition Laboratory
Room 163 Human Ecology Building
(607) 255-7172
Eve De Rosa, Associate Professor
Adam Anderson, Associate Professor

Children's Witness and Cognition Lab
Room 159 Academic Surge B
(607) 254-1506
Stephen J. Ceci, Professor

Cornell Infant Studies Laboratory, (CISL)
Room 201A Beebe Hall
(607) 254-1388; (607) 227-7653
Infants: 6-24 months
Marianella Casasola, Associate Professor

Culture & Social Cognition Lab
Room 101 Human Ecology Building
Qi Wang, Professor

Development of Social Cognition Lab
Uris Hall Room G78
(607) 255-5695
Katherine Kinzler, Associate Professor, PSYCH

Early Childhood Cognition Laboratory
Room 202 Human Ecology Building
(607) 254-6457
Tamar Kushnir, Associate Professor

Experience and Cognition Lab
Rooms G333, G335, G342 MVR; Room 165 Academic Surge B
(607) 255-0826 
Daniel Casasanto, Associate Professor 

Healthy Aging Laboratory
Room 101A Beebe Hall; Room 169 Academic Surge B
(607) 255-2457
Corinna Loeckenhoff, Associate Professor

Human Health Labs
Room 153 Academic Surge B
(607) 255-9993
Anthony Ong, Professor

Laboratory for Rational Decision Making 
Room G331 & G341 MVR Hall
(607) 254-1504
Valerie Reyna, Professor

Memory and Neuroscience Lab
Room G331 & G341 MVR Hall
(607) 254-1172
Charles J. Brainerd, Professor

Purpose and Identity Processes Laboratory
Beebe Hall; Room 173 Academic Surge B
Anthony Burrow, Assistant Professor

Quantitative Methods Lab
Room 185 Academic Surge B
(607) 255-7112
Felix Thoemmes, Associate Professor

Robertson Infant Lab
Infants: 1-3 months
Steven Robertson, Professor

Sternberg Lab
Room 181 Academic Surge B
(607) 255-1452
Robert J. Sternberg, Professor

Undergraduate Research Opportunities

Undergraduate students may become involved in research with the guidance of a faculty member by applying to join a lab. Via enrollment in HD4010, Empirical Research, (an undergraduate special studies course) with a chosen faculty member, students can earn credit while working on a faculty research project.