The Cognition in Context area offers the most dynamic and vigorous investigations of the developing mind in interaction with a variety of biological, social, and cultural contexts. Faculty conduct research using neuroimaging, EEG, cross-species modeling, field and laboratory experiments, and longitudinal designs to understand fundamental processes underlying human mind and behavior in context. They examine such intriguing topics as time cognition across the lifespan, embodied cognition and culture, the interplay between language and cognition, developmental evidentiality/source reliability, memory and the self, the link between brain, body and physical health, competence and wisdom, and the emotional underpinning of the mind. Their work has provided the basis for theory building and real-world problem solving.  

Faculty members

Adam Anderson, Professor

Lin Bian, Assistant Professor 

Charles Brainerd, Professor

Daniel Casasanto, Associate Professor

Marianella Casasola, Professor

Stephen Ceci, Helen L. Carr Professor of Developmental Psychology

Eve DeRosa, Associate Professor, Rebecca Q. and James C. Morgan Sesquicentennial Fellow

Marlen Gonzalez, Assistant Professor 

Will Hobbs, Assistant Professor 

Tamar Kushnir, Evalyn Edwards Milman Associate Professor in Child Development

Corinna Loeckenhoff, Professor of Human Development, Associate Professor of Gerontology in Medicine at Weill Cornell Medical College

bethany ojalehto mays, Assistant Professor

Steven Robertson, Professor

Robert Sternberg, Professor

Qi Wang, Professor and Department Chair

Wendy Williams, Professor