During orientation, we will welcome you into our Department and provide you with an overview of the major. If you have any questions pertaining to the departmental orientation, then please contact the Director of Undergraduate Studies (DUS) at hd-dus@cornell.edu

Below, we have listed the information most relevant to you as Human Development majors, but please also review the new student information from the College of Human Ecology.

How to Find Central Advising

  • Prof. Felix Thoemmes, Director of Undergraduate Studies
  • Mr. Tim Snyder
  • Ms. Marianne Arcangeli 

Freshmen - First Semester 

We strongly recommend the following courses:

  • HD 1150 Introduction to Human Development:  Infancy and Childhood (required) 
  • HD 1111 Success in Human Development (required)
  • PSYCH 1101 Introduction to Psychology (this course can be taken any time within the first two years)
  • An introductory course in Biology - If you are NOT a pre-med student, enroll in BIOG 1140: Foundations of Biology. This course is offered only in Fall semesters so we suggest you take it in your first semester, if you can. (Pre-meds see below.)
  • First Year Writing Seminar (submit your ballot
  • One elective class 
  • A physical education class (required for freshmen

Special Advice for Premeds

Plan to attend the Premedical/ Pre-health Orientation - Tuesday, September 1st  1:00pm, Zoom Webinar.

Here's why:

  • You'll get the most accurate answers to your questions.
  • Pre-med advisers can help you get the classes you need BEFORE classes begin.

Explore Cornell's excellent pre-med course options.

Transfer Students - First Semester

The first year guidelines are also relevant for you. Consult your Credit Evaluation (login required) to determine your unmet requirements. Here's a link to review AP Credit info & College Requirements & Policies

PLEASE NOTE: Students who transfer to Human Development should follow the curriculum sheet issued for the year in which they transferred. For example, a sophomore who transferred to HD in Fall 2018 would follow the 2018-2019 curriculum sheet.