On Monday, August 21st, we will welcome you into our Department, and provide you with an overview of the major.

Contact HD's Director of Undergraduate Studies (DUS) at hd-dus@cornell.edu

HD Central Advising Hours/ FALL 2017 

Freshmen - First Semester 

We strongly recommend the following courses:

  • HD 1150 Introduction to Human Development:  Infancy and Childhood (required) 
  • PSYCH 1101 Introduction to Psychology
  • An introductory course in Biology. If you are NOT a pre-med student, enroll in BIOG 1140: Foundations of Biology.  This course is offered only in Fall semesters so we suggest you take it in your first semester, if you can. Don't stress over it - just be sure it's on your radar. (Pre-meds see below.)
  • First year Writing Seminar (submit your ballot
  • One additional class 
  • A physical education class (required for freshmen

Special Advice for Premeds
Plan to attend the Premed/Predent/Prehealth Orientation - Sunday, August 20th, 1 PM, MVR G71- G73.

Here's why:

  • You'll get the most accurate answers to your questions.
  • Pre-med advisers can help you get the classes you need BEFORE classes begin.

Explore Cornell's excellent pre-med course options.

Transfer Students - First Semester
The first year guidelines (above) are also relevant for you. Consult your Graduation Summary (login required) to determine your unmet requirements.
(Please Note: Students who transfer to Human Development should follow the curriculum sheet issued for the year in which they transferred.   For example, a sophomore who transferred to HD in Fall 2017 would follow the 2017-2018 curriculum sheet.)

AP Credit info & College Requirements & Policies

Contact HD’s Director of Undergraduate Studies (DUS) at hd-dus@cornell.edu