October 2018


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September 2018


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Corinna Löckenhoff, Tony Burrow, and Francois Guimbretiere launched the online archive of their Cornell Race and Empathy Project. https://www.raceandempathy.com/ 

August 2018


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Corinna Loeckenhoff gave an invited talk, for the Koengener Association, Stuttgart (Germany). Title: Zeitwahrnehmung im Alter. (Time Perception in Old Age)

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July 2018


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Savin-Williams, R.C. gave a keynote address, “Perspectives on Men’s Sexuality,” at the symposium, Fluidity and Non-Exclusivity: Explorations of Sexual and Romantic Desire, The University of Roehampton, London, July 13, 2018.

June 2018


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May 2018   


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April 2018


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March 2018


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Corinna Loeckenhoff is the winner of this year’s Kappa Omicron Nu Honor Society/Human Ecology Alumni Association Advising Award.

February 2018


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Guest Lectures

Ong, A. D. (2018). Four Puzzles of Happiness. Guest lecturer, Auburn Correctional Facility, February 13, 2018

January 2018


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Editorial Board

Corinna Loeckenhoff joined the editorial board of Journals of Gerontology: Psychological Sciences.

December 2017


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November 2017


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Nakamura, K., & Brainerd, C. J.  Is familiarity really a fast process? A model-based approach to the relative speed of retrieval processes.  Poster presented at Psychonomic Society, Vancouver, British Columbia, November, 2017.


Elaine Wethington planned and presided over the annual PRYDE Conference on Media Literacy and Citizen Development among Youth and Emerging Adults, in Ann Arbor, Michigan on November 9 – 11.

October 2017


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Conference Presentations

Heck, I. Kushnir, T., & Kinzler, K. (2017, October). Building Bias: Children use statistical social information to reason about social preferences. Paper presented at the 10th biennial meeting of the Cognitive Development Society. Portland, OR.

Zhao, A., Shtulman,A. & Kushnir, T.(2017, October). Differentiating immoral actions from impossible actions: Preschoolers’ beliefs about choosing to perform deviant actions. Poster presented at the 10th biennial meeting of the Cognitive Development Society. Portland, OR.

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June 2017


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