The halfscale Forum for Creative Patternmaking is a platform for international interaction among professionals in the apparel industry, educators, graduate students, and advanced under graduate students. The eight week forum is designed to facilitate a discussion about creative patternmaking practice using interaction around 3D images of original half scale design projects viewed online.

Draping on a dress form for pattern development allows direct interaction between fabric and body shape.  This process promotes experimentation with alternate shapes, seam placements, and relationships between the fabric and the prominences and the planes of the body, encouraging freedom from traditional pattern shapes and structures.  However, full scale draping is costly and time consuming.  The use of half-scale dress forms, available on loan to participants over the duration of the eight week forum, is an affordable and convenient means to experiment with creative pattern design, and to facilitate the capture of 3D images of design work for posting, providing a focus for open discussion among participants. 

This international assembly of professionals, educators, and students at a common online space is a pioneering initiative that will contribute to design development and dialogue among a variety of talents.

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