Models wearing LED lit clothing.

Eric Beaudette '16 work to be showcased at Martin Y. Tang Welcome Center

IRRADIANCE is a collection of four smart garments showcasing the multi-functionality of wearables with embedded lightning technologies that can interact with the user, the environment, and other smart clothing. The adoption of wearable technology by consumers continues to increase as products aim to sync with smartphone devices to facilitate an interaction between clothing, accessories, and wearers. In this work, concepts and designs of futuristic clothing were explored as a result of integration of different technologies in technical garments.

On display at the Martin Y. Tang Welcome Center. Exhibit opening is 4:30pm, Friday, September 14, 2018.

Texture poster

TEXTURE is an eclectic exhibition that emerged from a simple and (intentionally) vague prompt: texture. Under the direction of faculty advisor Denise Nicole Green ‘07 and the exhibition’s chief curator, Amanda Denham MA ‘17, research assistants Jackie Fogarty ‘18, Amanda Hailey Dubin ‘18, Jackie DeVito ‘18, Tuyen Nguyen ‘20, Allie Malakoff ‘20, Livia Caligor ‘21 and Nora Cowett, along with our collection manager Helen McLallen, selected some of the most sensorially stunning items in our collection. TEXTURE is about how fashion and textile objects provoke questions beyond their selvedges and seams.

Fear and Freedom poster

You are cordially invited to the 13th Annual Barbara L. Kuhlman Scholars’ Fiber Arts and Wearable Arts Group Exhibition: ‘Fear and Freedom’. The Exhibition will showcase innovative fiber arts and wearable artworks created by seven Apparel Design students who were awarded the Kuhlman scholarship in December 2017.

The opening will be held on Tuesday, September 4 from 5:00-6:00 pm in the Jill Stuart Gallery, Human Ecology Building, Cornell University. Refreshments will be served.

Half Scale Full Engagement